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Hardware and Software

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Hardware and Software Hardware Anything you can touch on the computer is hardware. It is capable of accepting and storing computer data, executing a systematic sequence of operations on computer data, or producing control outputs. Such devices can perform substantial interpretation, computation, communication, control, or other logical functions. Why does John brown need hardware? John Brown needs hardware because without it the computer will not function properly. Mouse, keyboard and monitor are the most important hard without it there is no computer. Software General name given to all the programs that can be run on computer hardware. Games, word processors, databases, virus checker and Microsoft windows are all software. ...read more.


When you buy application software, you need to make sure of the following: * that it will work the hardware that you are using * that it will work with the operating system that you are using. Why does John brown need Software? You cannot do anything on the computer without the software, John brown need to be able to run program CPU (Central Processing Unit) The CPU is the brains of the computer. Sometimes referred to simply as the processor or central processor, the CPU is where most calculations take place. Intel, Celeron and Athlon are the main manufacturers of CPUs for personal computers. Intel is probably the best known because it manufactures the Pentium processor. ...read more.


With volatile memory, the data is lost when the power is turned off. Non-volatile memory does not lose data when computer is switched off. There are two types of memory: RAM (random access memory) * RAM is held on a computer chip * You can write data into RAM and also read data from RAM * RAM is volatile memory * RAM needs power. If the power is switched off, the data in RAM disappear. * RAM holds data and programs. ROM (read only memory) * ROM is held on a computer chip * ROM cannot be altered by the user. * You cannot store your own data on ROM * ROM is used to hold the instruction for starting up the computer. * ROM is non-volatile memory. ?? ?? ?? ?? Atinuke Loremikan Cand.no: 0133 Centre.No:12914 The Douay Martyrs school Unit 3: Hardware and software GNVQ ICT ...read more.

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