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Hardware information.

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Keyboard The Keyboard is the standard data input and operator control device for a computer. It consists of the standard QWERTY layout with a numeric keypad and additional function keys for control purposes. Mouse The Mouse is a popular input device. You move it across the desk and its movement is shown on the screen by a marker known as a 'cursor' . You will need to click the buttons at the top of the mouse to select an option. Printer You can print out information that is in the computer onto paper. By printing you create what is known as a 'hard copy'. ...read more.


Thermal printers are widely used in battery powered equipment such as portable calculators. * Non-impact -Laser Printers use a laser beam and dry powdered ink to produce a fine dot matrix pattern. This method of printing can generate about 4 pages of A4 paper per minute. The standard of print is very good and laser printers can also produce very good quality printed graphic images too. This is the type of printed I used. Floppy Disk A floppy disk is a thin magnetic-coated disk contained in a flexible or semi-rigid protective jacket. Data is stored in tracks and sectors. A floppy disk is a thin magnetic-coated disk contained in a flexible or semi-rigid protective jacket. ...read more.


Most monitors have a 4:3 width to height ratio. Scanners Scanners allow information such as a photo or text to be input into a computer. Scanners are usually either A4 size (flatbed), as shown below, or hand-held to scan a much smaller area. If text is to be scanned, you would use an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) program to recognise the printed text and then convert it to a digital text file that can be accessed using a computer. File servers A file server is a computer used for managing the files on a network. Some file servers are dedicated file servers, which means they spend all there time managing the network. A file server is used to store both programs and data, and it is a much more powerful computer than the others that are connected to it. Christina Black Christina Black ...read more.

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