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Hospital Equipment Loan System.

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? Introduction and Specification: Like many businesses, HELS are starting to make use of computers and computer systems to make the day-to-day operation of their company easier on the management and more efficient. As the nature of the business is unique and no existing packages are suitable for handling the business demands and requirements and has been decided that a custom made application should be designed to meet this challenge. Hospital Equipment Loan System specified that such a system should be able to: Have the ability to store details of the equipment. Have a suitable item code to be devised, which identifies each piece of equipment individually, while indicating what type of equipment it is. Find the following information for any individual piece of equipment: 1) Whether it is available, being repaired or out on loan 2) If on loan, to whom and at what address or ward number 3) If on loan, when it is due to be returned or the loan renewed 4) If being repaired, when was it sent for repair The package needs to be suitable for the required purpose, to satisfy the set criteria, and importantly be easy to use and maintain to make life easier for HELS staff - the program should improve the efficiency of the business and not make things more difficult than they already are. Example of the type of equipment that must be loaned and kept track of: Description of Item Number in Stock Cost of Replacement Wheelchair - Junior 2 �275 Wheelchair - Small 2 �295 Wheelchair - Medium 3 �320 Wheelchair - Large 2 �350 Crutch - Junior 4 �75 Crutch - Adult 6 �95 Elbow Crutch ...read more.


'set the global var to false 'to denote a failed login LoginSucceeded = False Me.Hide End Sub Private Sub cmdOK_Click() 'check for correct password If txtPassword = "cedric" Then 'place code to here to pass the 'success to the calling sub 'setting a global var is the easiest LoginSucceeded = True Me.Hide frmMaindisplay.Show Else MsgBox "Invalid Password, try again!", , "Login" txtPassword.SetFocus SendKeys "{Home}+{End}" End If End Sub If the user inputs an incorrect password a message will be displayed, saying "Invalid Password, try again!" To increase security I have integrated another package called EasyEncrypto so that the files will be encrypted all the time unless decrypted by the user. In order to keep the data used by the program secure, a password feature will restrict access to the program to trusted individuals. This means that any user with access to the computer, but does not know the password cannot create or modify (or even start) any part of the program without the password. Because the data files used by the system are reads from and written to using random access, they are not in a human-readable format, so it is virtually impossible of successfully modify there contents without access to the program. ? Data Flow Diagram: ? Design - Record Structure & File Organisation: The files that store the equipment and customer details will be created using the "Random Access Files" feature of visual basic. This provides direct access to store records of a fixed size to a file. Two files are used, one for the equipment and the other for customer details. ...read more.


Code "; Tab(30); lblItemCode.Caption Printer.Print Printer.Print " " & " " & "Cost Of Replacement "; Tab(30); lblReplaceCost.Caption Printer.Print Printer.Print " " & "------------------------------------------------------------" Printer.Print Printer.Print " " & " " & "Sent: Date "; Tab(30); lblDate.Caption Printer.Print " " & " " & "Return: Date "; Tab(30); lblLoanDate.Caption Printer.Print Printer.Print " " & "------------------------------------------------------------" Printer.Print " " & "____________________________________________________________" End If Exit Sub Handler: MsgBox "Select the printing style", vbCritical End Sub ? Did my program meet the specification? The first aspect of the specification is that I must be able to produce a hard copy of the information, of any piece of equipment. This has been proved on pages 10 and 11. The next aspect concerns the loan period. The equipment is lent out for a 6-week period in the first place, but this loan can be renewed for periods of 6 weeks. The check boxes allow the user to choose from a length of one week to six weeks as requested in the specification. The text box next to "Return on the:" displays the date of the week that it should be returned and if the user is not sure of the current date they can select "Today's date" and the date of that day will appear. The specification also asked to allow the user to input name and address. Also there must be a range for the ward numbers. The wards must range from W1 to W10. So there must be 10 different options. I have chosen the ward ranges to appear in a combo box form as shown below. Cedric John Computer Science - Major Project 01/04/02 Candidate # : Centre # : Page 1 ...read more.

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