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Human Computer Interface

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Define HCI Human-computer interaction is a concerned with the design, evaluation and implementation of interactive computing systems for human use in other meaning it is the study, planning, and design of what happens when you and a computer work together. HCI consists of three parts: the user, the computer itself, and the ways they work together. What are its uses and applications in today environment? * Communications-: Electronic mail, computer conferencing, telephone and voice messaging systems For example human user can exchange messages throgh email application,then computers respond by the inputs from the user when sending and receiveing mail and by doing this human user interact with computer. * Designing software, such as; CAD/CAM For example CAD is used for displaying and editing designs on the computer so the human user Input data such as creating ,editing new designs and viewing designs from different angles using keyboard, graphics pad or touch-screen monitors then the computer responds to the user's input and the user responds to the computer's output. * Video games. For example the player interacts with the computer system through device with buttons or joysticks to play the game in order to achieve his/her goal. ...read more.


* Flash Application Package: The Pen tool is used to draw straight lines and curved lines and you can get this tool from the tool panel in flash application. Microsoft Excel application: because spreadsheet help the user to stores data in cells and performs and displays calculations on the data. What is required in terms of hardware and software when considering HCI design? Hardware: Input device and output device have big impact that some of these devices are able to interact with computer. Input device is only way which human user can pass information to computer system such as; 1. Keyboard: A keyboard is an input device where data is typed. 2. Trackball: is an input device where a finger is used to rotate a ball. This moves a pointer on the screen 3. Touch-sensitive screen: a screen through which data can be input just by touching it with a finger Out put device is only way which human user can get information out of computer system such as; 1. Computer screen: is a screen used for computer output 2. Printer: output device for getting image or doucoment from your computer system 3. ...read more.


Grammar is used to specify dialogues Physical and device models This model involve keystroke, this model design by using simple command and it is split into two phrases * Acquisition of the task, user builds mental representation of the task. * Execution of the task using the system facilities such as; pressing a mouse button, pointing and moving the mouse. The physical operations that are performed by users are the following: * K key stroking, actually hitting keys on the keyboard. * P pressing a mouse button. * D drawing lines using the mouse. * R system response, this may be ignored if the user does not have to wait for it. * M mentally preparing for a physical action. * H homing, switching the hand from the mouse to the keyboard. * B pressing a mouse button Physical and device model the interaction with system are not viewed in term of language other than use of command sequences but in Linguistic model the interactions with the system are often viewed in terms of the language however in Cognitive model similarity with linguistic model is interacting with the system. Human Computer Interface ...read more.

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