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I am going to investigate the purpose for which an organisation uses ICT. The company that I am going to review is called Chessington World of Adventures. I will also write about the ICT systems used in one department

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Unit 2b (ICT in an organisation) Report on ICT system used in a department In this assignment I am going to investigate the purpose for which an organisation uses ICT. The company that I am going to review is called Chessington World of Adventures. I will also write about the ICT systems used in one department that I have written about in unit 2a. I will write about the marketing department and explain devices they use etc. In the marketing department they use many different types of computers for many different things. Some staff will use their computers for typing long documents or letters; others may use them for creating PowerPoint presentations for various things. In most organisations people will use their computers or a choice of devices for similar things, but this isn't the case in Chessington. Proposed Hardware and Software for a Computer Aided Design Company There are several pieces of computer equipment a design company would need to function efficiently. Firstly they would need the correct input and output devices. To input the data a computer and mouse would be needed, these are standard input devices. The company would perhaps benefit from the use of a light pen rather than a mouse, though this would depend greatly on the software packages they would be using. Another input device that may be useful to the company would be a Graphics Tablet or Digitiser. The user can draw professional quality illustrations onto the flat rectangular surface of the digitiser, using a stylus. The computer traces the movement of the stylus and displays it on the screen. A high-resolution tablet would be needed by a CAD company. A scanner may also be of use to the company, or a digital camera, depending on what exactly the company was designing. Images of high quality can be obtained from the use of a digital camera, and there are many high-resolution scanners that would allow the company to scan in pictures that will be needed in the design of the product they are creating. ...read more.


CRTs (Cathode Ray Tubes), which are used in PCs. These are the same one's as used in TVs and can be damaging to the eyes when in long use. The marketing department rarely use this because of the consequences and the after effect. Another main output device is a printer. This is used to produce a permanent hard copy of the information on paper. There are three types of printers used in the marketing department: Dot-Matrix Printers also called impact printers, which are the cheapest to buy and operate. The cashiers of shops around Chessington mainly use this in tills. The print head is a template of pins consisting of 9 or 24 arranged in a vertical line or block. Each fibre is formed using a set pattern of some of the pins. The ribbon is a long strip of material with ink on one side. The print head pins push the ribbon on the paper to create a series of dots. The advantages are that it is cheap to buy and operate. The disadvantages are that it is very slow, low resolution and very noisy. An Ink-Jet Printer costs less than a laser printer but better quality than a Dot Matrix. This is the most common type used by many organisations. The main component is the print head. This has lots of tiny nozzles or spouts through which small jets of ink are sprayed on to the paper. The advantages are good resolution-300 to 600, which means you can print good quality documents, and often in colour. Disadvantages are its can be slow when printing in colour, often less than four pages per minute. It can be expensive to run and the cartridges cost more per page than laser printer cartridges. Thirdly the Laser Printer that is also called the page printers because the data to be printed is sent to the printer in complete pages, one at a time. This printer is the type of printer output device that Chessintgon mainly uses. ...read more.


Problems with data validation are that it only checks that it is the right type and not whether it is accurate or not. Any problems with the verification program could mean other possible mistakes. Problems with data verification are that double entry is time consuming and can be very expensive. Proof reading is also expensive and doesn't allow for computer error. Analysis In my project, I found the hardest thing was trying to create a booking system. That one page took me four weeks, as I had to type the HTML code, edit it and re edit it. Publisher was much easier to adapt to. There is nothing that I would change to my project as I feel I have done mine the best possible way. One of my problems was trying to insert a calendar on the site. When I did it I couldn't proportion it correctly. The text wasn't as visible as I would have liked unless I proportioned it to the whole page. In the end I chose to abandon the calendar. None of the layouts suited my task so I had re design/alter the way they had done it. I did a different background and colour scheme. When using HTML it was hard remembering to use the American language to write it in instead of English. I did like the way that Publisher toolbar menus were easy to use and understand, for example inserting hyperlinks was much easier than in HTML due to the excellent Microsoft Wizard. I chose Publisher as it actually had a web site creating program unlike Microsoft Word. I thought that this project was good and the way I did it. Next time I do my project I would write out long texts areas in Microsoft Word because it is easier to do alignment, format and spell check the text. I would still use Microsoft Publisher if it was accessible otherwise HTML. I would also try to be more creative next time for example like adding Java features. Mary Ewumi Candidate Number: 1043 Centre number: 10838 ...read more.

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