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I have been asked to set up an ordering system for a clothing company to hold stock records and process orders.

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Design Specification A - Requirements I have been asked to set up an ordering system for a clothing company to hold stock records and process orders. The system should reflect the outdoor image of the company. The company colours are blue/yellow and it has a logo, which could be used to personalise the system. The system must be able to: 1. Hold Information 1. hold the details of 20 stock items including, stock code, description, price and quantity in stock 2. hold customer details for 10 clients including full name, address and postcode, current balance and credit limit 2. Take an Order 1. Input name of client (check if name is on record and generate an error message if not) 2. Input stock code for items required (check for valid code and display item and price each) 3. Input quantity of item required (check there is sufficient stock and generate an error message if not) 4. Repeat for up to 5 stock items 5. Calculate the total bill for the items ordered 6. Apply a discount of 10% for orders over �500 7. Add VAT at 17.5% (including a way to alter this if it changes) 8. ...read more.


Stock detail (Top part of sheet - macro to return to menu) 2. Client Details (Bottom part of sheet - macro to return to menu) 3. Sheet Three - Label tag "Order" 1. Order Input - Top part of slit screen 2. Invoice - Bottom part of split screen D - Data Fields - "Data" Sheet Stock field headings required 1. stock code Items stock code 2. bin number a number 3. description description of stock item 4. price each retail price of one item 5. stock value calculated from "price each" times "in stock" 6. in stock current quantity in stock 7. new stock input area where new stock can be entered 8. ordered extracted from order form on Order sheet if ordered (IF stock code on invoice = stock code for item, then put in quantity for this item, otherwise do nothing) 9. remaining calculated from "in stock" add "new stock" take away "ordered" Client field headings required 1. S name Client's Surname - it is assumed each Surname is unique 2. F name Client's Forename 3. address Client's Address 4. town Client's Town 5. postcode Client's Postcode 6. account balance Balance outstanding on account 7. ...read more.


Print_Graph2 - selects graph and prints it 17. Process_Order - Selects and prints out the new Invoice. Triggers Update_Client macro. Triggers Update_Stock macro. Triggers Abort_Order macro. 18. Abort_Order - Clears all input cells and returns user to main menu. Possible layout for the Main Menu showing macro buttons F - Constraints - Assumptions 1. Only 20 items of stock are required 2. Maximum amount of stock held will be 100 3. Only 10 clients are required 4. Clients will have unique names 5. Only up to 5 items will be ordered at any one time 6. VAT is 17.5% 7. Discounts will be 10% on orders over �500 G - Testing 1 Comprehensive test data will be required to check 1. All outputs are as expected 2. Invalid stock codes are rejected 3. Clients not on file are rejected 4. Order quantity is not over the current stock 5. Printed invoice matches all data input 6. Invoice total is correct. 7. All cells, other than those required for input, are protected 2 Each formula must be tested to ensure it performs correctly 1. Does it perform the correct function? 2. Does it give the correct answer? 3 Each Button must be tested to ensure it functions as expected 1. Check each macro works independently 2. Check different sequence of buttons to ensure one does not effect another ...read more.

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