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I have been given the task of creating a system for a hospital to keep records of their loan equipment. It needs to be able to keep records of what equipment has been borrowed, by whom and when, and also if any equipment is unavailable as it is in repair.

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CANDIDATE NAME PAPER 3 COMPUTING COURSEWORK CENTRE NUMBER: CANDIDATE NUMBER: INTRODUCTION 5 SYSTEMS LIFE CYCLE 5 GATHERING DATA 6 PROBLEMS OF EXISTING SYSTEM 6 OBJECTIVES OF NEW SYSTEM 7 DESIGN 8 Feasibility of Using a Computer Based System: 8 Performance Requirements: 8 Costs: 8 Hardware 9 Software 9 Excel: 9 Access: 10 High Level Languages: 11 Evaluation of Software: 11 DATA REQUIREMENTS: 12 DATA FLOW 13 Data Flow Diagrams: 13 ENTITY-RELATIONSHIP DIAGRAMS 15 SYSTEM DESIGN 16 Top Down Design: 16 Jackson Structure Diagram: 16 User Interface: 17 Interface Styles: 18 1. Command Line Interface (e.g. MSDOS) 18 2. Menu's 18 Full Screen Menu: 18 Pull-Down Menu: 19 Pop-Up Menu: 19 3. Natural Language 19 4. Forms & Dialogue Boxes 20 Advantages of Using a Common User Interface: 20 MY DESIGN: 21 Outputs: 21 Hard Copy of Equipment: 21 Weekly Report: 21 Menus: 22 Methods of Data Entry: 23 Tables: 24 Security and Integrity of Data: 25 Validation Rules: 25 Back-Ups 25 Security: 25 Passwords 25 Encryption 25 Password Locks 25 IMPLEMENTATION 26 Entering Data Stores: 26 Data Entry Page: 27 Loan Equipment Macro: 29 Validation Rules To Prevent Human Error: 30 Viewing Patient Details: 32 Mail Merge Letter 33 Patient Search Facilities: 34 Managers Area: 35 Main Menu 36 Making the Spreadsheet User Friendly: 37 Security 38 Testing the Buttons: 39 Navigation Buttons: 39 Operation Buttons: 40 Testing Validation Rules: 41 MAINTENANCE: 42 User Documentation 42 System Documentation 42 Introduction I have been given the task of creating a system for a hospital to keep records of their loan equipment. It needs to be able to keep records of what equipment has been borrowed, by whom and when, and also if any equipment is unavailable as it is in repair. Systems Life Cycle We have already been given the information for a problem definition, feasibility study and analysis, but have been told that we do not need to do these stages of design. ...read more.


To make data entry easy I have used validation rules on the data entry cells. When the cell is selected the yellow information box appears, giving the user guidance on how to enter the data. I have set the validation rule on this particular cell to allow only numbers and in the format dd/mm/yy, if the user enters anything else the following error message appears informing the user that they have entered incorrect information. When the user is entering the equipment the user wants to loan, I have made a drop down menu so that it is easier for the user to enter the information and leaves less room for error. The user can easily select the appropriate equipment with the mouse. I have set the validation rule so that it will only accept values in the cell from the drop down menu. As there are no other pieces of equipment available to loan this protects the system from typing errors and mistakes. The user will only have to use a mouse and a keyboard to input the data and only the mouse for the operation of the system (e.g. using the buttons). Tables: My data on patients and equipment will be stored in tables on a spreadsheet. I have designed tables to show the equipment in stock, equipment ID codes, patient records and equipment due for return. All tables will have a bold outline with a thin cross-divide to show the separate cells. The titles will be in bold font with a red background, this is to clearly show the divide between titles and data. Security and Integrity of Data: Validation Rules: A validation rule specifies a test, which has to be performed on any data entered into the cell. If that data does not pass the test an error message comes up on the screen, which contains the text specified in the validation rule box. ...read more.


* County - This only allows Kent, so I entered Sussex, but again it picked it up giving me an error message explaining that the county was not in the hospitals attachment area. * Contact Number - Only allows telephone numbers, I entered the value "123four", an error message appeared informing me that only phone numbers were allowed to be entered in this cell * Ward Number - Only allowing values from the drop down menu I entered ward 11 (drop down menu goes up to Ward 10), it returned an error message saying invalid ward number * Patient Equipment - This is also a drop down list allowing only the values from it. To test it I entered "bandage" but again the test proved correct and informed me that the value I entered was invalid * Loan Duration - I have set a validation rule on this cell to only allow positive integers. To test it I entered first "-2" and then "1.5" but both times it returned an error message saying that they were invalid and to enter a positive integer value. Maintenance: Maintenance is important as it ensures the long life of the system, e.g. If the business changes so may the requirements of the system, by resolving bugs or program errors, which arise after the system has been implemented, and to enhance the functionality of the system when users require it. I am not required to produce user documentation and system documentation. However if we had been required to produce documentation I would include the following: User Documentation * Installation Instructions * Instructions on how to start and run the system. As well as a guide for using the different functions. * Over view of the system and what it does * Trouble shooting guide on possible errors and how users should deal with them System Documentation * Data Flow diagrams * Data entity diagrams Computing Paper 3 Coursework 1 ...read more.

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