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I have been given the task to design a database for a company called Postquick Parcels. Postquick Parcels is a company, which provides a parcel delivery service, which allows customers to send consignment parcels around the UK.

Extracts from this document...


INTRODUCTION 4 The Systems Life Cycle 4 Methods of Gathering data 5 Problems of Present System 5 Objectives of the new system 6 DESIGN 7 The Feasibility of a Computer Based System 7 Hardware 7 Choices of Software 8 Excel 8 Access 9 High Level Language Such as Pascal 10 Evaluation of possible software solutions 10 Data requirements 11 The Data Flow 12 Data Flow Diagram 12 Entity-Relationship diagrams 12 Entity-Relationship diagrams 13 Entity-Relationship diagrams 14 System Design 15 Top Down Design 15 Modular Design 15 Outputs 18 Consignment Note: 18 Query outputs: 18 Forms 19 Menu 19 Reports 20 Methods of Data Entry 20 Record structure 21 Customer Records 21 Destination Records 21 Parcel Records 22 Order Records 22 File Organisation 22 Security and Integrity of Data 23 Integrity 23 Input Masks 23 Validation Rules 23 List Boxes 23 Safety 24 Back up recommendations 24 Security 24 Passwords 24 Encryption 24 Other Security Recommendations 24 IMPLEMENTATION 25 Starting with a simple Database 25 The Tables 25 Linking the Tables 27 Entering Data 28 Customer Data Form 28 Parcel Data Form 28 Destination Data Form 29 Order Data Form 30 Avoiding Human Errors using input masks 32 Validation Rules 33 Queries 34 Simple Queries 34 Parameter Queries 34 Finding Existing destination 34 Finding ID 36 Updating customer data 36 Total Dimensions 37 Finding Weight From Price 37 Consignment note 38 As a Report 38 Below is the final design for my consignment note. The annotated notes describe the improvement I have made. 38 As a Query 38 As a Query 39 Integrated Consignment notes for the deliveryman and Customer 40 Reports 42 Price Lists 42 Buttons 42 Making the Database User Friendly 44 Making Menus 44 Managers statistics 46 Security 47 Making The Menu Come Up When the Database Is Opened 48 TESTING 49 Testing the Buttons 49 Testing The Queries 50 Finding existing destination 50 Finding ID 50 Finding price from weight and total dimensions 51 Update Customer Information 52 Testing Validation ...read more.


Once clicked, the chosen value will be transferred to what ever field the box is connected to. This will help to prevent data entry errors or syntax errors and acts as a form of validation (previously shown on page 18). Safety Back up recommendations To insure the safety of the database I would suggest daily back ups are made so that if the system for some reason looses its integrity, the company will have a recent back up to fall back on. This type of a daily back up is called a differential backup. This will insure that the majority of customer's orders will not be affected and therefore the company will not lose customers. The regular backup should be made to a floppy disk, there should be a floppy disk for daily back ups done on Saturdays, Tuesday s and Thursday. Another floppy disk should be used to data back ups on Mondays, Wednesday s and Fridays. This means that if for some reason the system goes down and the daily back up that day had gone wrong, there is always the other floppy disk which even though is dated may still be of some use. Security Security is provided by making sure there are safeguards to ensure that data is not accidentally or maliciously corrupted. Passwords The system will have a password, which prevents the user from changing the design or appearance of forms. All the user will be able to do is enter the appropriate information in the right sections. The only person who will have total access to all areas both the users and behind the scenes of the database will be the administrator. Encryption Encryption is where data appears garbled unless you know how to decrypt the data. Other Security Recommendations I would suggest the user have various security measures for the system, these include: - * A security manager who can oversea and monitor all terminal activities. ...read more.


This computer design is such that the user uses a list box to enter in the weight therefore the use would not enter in 35. Length 120 is allowed as it is within the boundary of 150. Also the total dimensions is also within the boundaries 120 +70 + 50 = 240. Testing Customer 4's data Weight 20 is one of the specific weight price categories. However length 190 is not and as the user enters this value in a warning sign as previously shown comes up. This is the same as for the total dimensions. Testing Customer 5's data All of customer fives data is acceptable so the user is able to input it without any warnings. Testing Customer 6's data Weight 0.4Kg is not the exact weight to fit in with the price categories. This computer design is such that the user uses a list box to enter in the weight therefore the use would not enter in 0.4. All of customer six's dimensional data is acceptable so the user is able to input it without any warnings. MAINTENANCE Maintenance is important as it ensures the long life of the system, e.g. If the business changes so may the requirements of the system, by resolving bugs or program errors, which arise after the system has been implemented, and to enhance the functionality of the system when users require it. We are not required to produce user documentation and system documentation. However if we had been required to produce documentation I would include the following: User Documentation * Installation Instructions * Instructions on how to start and run the system. As well as a guide for using the different functions. * Over view of the system and what it does * Trouble shooting guide on possible errors and how users should deal with them System Documentation * Data Flow diagrams * Data base diagram to display relationship between each of the tables * Data entity diagrams Appendix 1 - Data Lists APPENDIX 2 - CODE FOR BUTTONS ON FORMS 1 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Computer Science section.

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