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I have been presented with a request from an imaginary examination board to design a system that monitors the post examination marks of the board.

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Documentation Introduction For my computing course, I have been presented with a request from an imaginary examination board to design a system that monitors the post examination marks of the board. The system will be faced with a scenario where a centre (where the exam papers are sat) decides that a certain students examination grades are lower than expected and ask for the paper/script to be remarked. For me to successfully design a system that fulfils all the requirements, I had to decided to use Microsoft Access. This was because I felt more confident using this program then in using Pascal, which was another available option. System design I will use three tables to help me perform the task required. Here is how they will be laid out, and what fields they will contain. ...read more.


Text Has the paper/script been sent back within 3 weeks? Centre table Field Name Data type Description Centre Name Text The name of the centre where the exams were taken. Centre Number Number The ID number of the Centre where the Candidate came from. Candidate Name Text The first name of the candidate. Candidate Surname Text The second name of the candidate. Candidate Number Text The candidate's unique identifier. Subject Remark Requested? Yes/No Whether a remark of the paper/script has been requested Subject Reference Code Text The code by which the Exams for each subject are known. Date of Re-mark Request Date/Time The date the paper/script was sent off to the remarking board Date Re-mark Returned Date/Time The date the Paper/script was returned to the centre which requested the re-mark Remark Return Outstanding? ...read more.


Many Candidates will do one subject. One to Many. Many to One. This is how the relationship diagram looks when created on Microsoft Access. Implementation These are what the tables look like in Design and Datasheet view. Candidate table Centre table Subject table. User Interface Main Page - This is where a user can gain access to all the other forms containing the different details Candidate form Centre Form Subject form Queries Here is an example of how a query will look in design view. This is an example of an update query, which updates the table according to the values inputted. All together there were 50 update queries: 25 for the original grade and 25 for the Re-mark grade. This is an example of a search query. The particular query was to search how many candidates belong to a certain centre. When the search is complete, it will display the Candidate name, Candidate Surname, Candidate Number and Centre name. Validation and Testing ...read more.

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