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ICT Coursework - Big M Cinemas

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GCSE ICT Coursework - Big M Cinemas Introduction My assignment was to design a full web-page advertisement for a cinema. It should be attractive and easy to update and timings change. My extension was to create a web booking system/User documentation. I had a choice of six other categories in the Big M Cinemas coursework but chose this one because its what I thought I could achieve best at. The giving time for my project was nine weeks to do the primary task, extension and report. I had a choice of which software I used and how I did the project (there was no software restrictions). When designing my web page, I need to make sure that I am only doing the task I intended to do. Have a simple background but choose a font type that will clash with the page to make it easier to read. Try to have the same layout on all pages to save time and it's easier. My project is set out with the report (this) at the beginning and after that the web site with the booking system at the end. Each individual page of the web site and booking system has the HTML code after it in order not to get confused. Applications An application is an item of software that is used to perform a specific function. Examples of these are database creation, management, spreadsheet creation and management or word processing. When creating my web-based system I needed to find out what the best software package and hardware were the best to use. When doing this I had to test/compare/contrast different products so I could tell which would work best, not necessarily one. ...read more.


Size is measured in inches across the diagonal of the screen. Most PCs have 17inches and laptops have 12 inches. Resolution changes by the number of pixels/dots, which make up the viewed image on the screen. The main sizes are (high-1024x768), (medium-800x600) and (low-640x480). The resolution on most laptops is 800x600. The two main types of monitor are: - LCDs (Liquid Crystal Display), which are used in laptops and some desktops. This is the monitor, which I used for my project. CRTs (Cathode Ray Tubes), which are used in PCs. These are the same ones as used in TVs and came be damaging to the eyes when in long use. Another main output device is a printer. This is used to produce a permanent hard copy of the information on paper. There are three types of printers: - Dot-Matrix Printers also called impact printers, which are the cheapest to buy and operate. This mainly used in tills by the cashiers of shops. The print head is a matrix of pins consisting of 9 or 24 arranged in a vertical line or block. Each character is formed using a set pattern of some of the pins. The ribbon is a long strip of material with ink on one side. The print head pins push the ribbon on the paper to create a series of dots. The advantages are that it is cheap to buy and operate. The disadvantages are that it is very slow, low resolution and very noisy. An Ink-Jet Printer costs less than a laser printer but better quality than a Dot Matrix. This the most common type used by home users. ...read more.


Proof reading is also expensive and doesn't allow for computer error. Analysis In my project, I found the hardest thing was trying to create a booking system. That one page took me four weeks, as I had to type the HTML code, edit it and re edit it. Publisher was much easier to adapt to. There is nothing that I would change to my project as I feel I have done mine the best possible way. One of my problems was trying to insert a calendar on the site. When I did it I couldn't proportion it correctly. The text wasn't as visible as I would have liked unless I proportioned it to the whole page. In the end I chose to abandon the calendar. None of the layouts suited my task so I had re design/alter the way they had done it. I did a different background and colour scheme. When using HTML it was hard remembering to use the American language to write it in instead of English. I did like the way that Publisher toolbar menus were easy to use and understand, for example inserting hyperlinks was much easier than in HTML due to the excellent Microsoft Wizard. I chose Publisher as it actually had a web site creating program unlike Microsoft Word. I thought that this project was good and the way I did it. Next time I do my project I would write out long texts areas in Microsoft Word because it is easier to do alignment, format and spell check the text. I would still use Microsoft Publisher if it was accessible otherwise HTML. I would also try to be more creative next time for example like adding Java features. James Dougall - GCSE ICT Coursework 1 ...read more.

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