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ict implementation

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Test plan Once the system is created, it is important to test the system, this is so I can discover any faults within the system and to make sure that I have met the end user requirements The system will be tested with: normal data ( data which is the normal to test) Extreme data ( data which is exceeded test range) Erroneous data( data which is totally wrong to test) Macro testing Formula testing- formulas must be correct and linked to specific cells VLookups- must be correct and linked to specific cells the lay out of the test pan will be in table format , illustrating each test as fully as possible at this stage .the plan will include the following column heading:# test no . test criteria - what is to be tested test purpose - why is it been tested data - what data is used to [perform the test ie. Normal extreme expected outcomes actual outcome i will produce evidence of my test results by illustrating each one with screen shots and all will be cross referenced and annotated properly this will be shown after the implementation is done . Testing User interface Test number Test criteria Test purpose Expected outcome Actual outcome 1 Click the command button "stock list" To check the stock table opens The overall stock sheet should open The "stock list" worksheet opens 2 Click the command button "customer details " To check the customer details opens The overall customer details should open The "customer details" worksheet opens 3 Click the command button "Build your own pc" To check the "Build your own pc" opens The overall "Build your own pc" should open The "Build your own pc" worksheet opens 4 Click the command button "Invoice" To check the "Invoice" opens The overall Invoice" should open The "Invoice" worksheet opens 5 Click the command button "Exit" To check the "Exit" worksheet opens The overall "Exit" worksheet should open The worksheet exits and saves as requested ...read more.


(2) entering the code as shown below into vba . I have included the following message for the user so if they have problems with the software or with any formulas or buttons they can contact the helpline so I can help them and guide them in the write direction . Now right click on the picture as I said before and assign macro and then choose "helpline" and once it is done the outcome is Now I am going to make an exit button using vba so the user can exit excel immediately and saving there work at the same time .using this button below .this method is used again by right clicking on the picture and assigning the macro as shown below : Then open up VBA as shown above. Now enter the code as shown below Once this coded is entered I linked it with my button as shown in the other example and the out come should be as shown below ..first click on the exit icon then this message box will appear If no then >>>>> If yes then application quits successfully. Named ranges Once I have entered the stock information into my spreadsheet I need to name the ranges to use them in a v look up .to make it easier for the use to make calculations and search for the criteria needed to run the system correctly Step 1 I highlighted customer details as shown below Then I named the highlighted items "customerddd" as shown below using the toolbar as shown below :then I pressed enter so that it confirms that the name has been changed and is saved . I used this method to name all of my ranges and named them appropriately. To show all of the named ranges I did the following Inser>Name >define Then this toolbox opens showing all the named ranges and the formulas in the specific range as shown below . ...read more.


Installation The system works directly off the USB memory stick, or alternatively you can copy it to the computer and run it from your computer. Simply press ctrl c on the Invoicing System file, and then press ctrl v in on the hardrive or in my documents on your computer Opening the spreadsheet system * Insert the USB stick . * Next, click on My Computer * Next, open the memory stick (a). If the logo is not there then wait for a couple of minutes as computer may be trying to detect the key or press F5 to refresh the page to help the computer detect the inputted device . then click on the invoice system (b) and open the file (A) (b) Once the system has been opened the following pop up will appear about the security of the spreadsheet on the screen as shown below If this is presented then simply click on Enable Macros. This will activate the buttons in your spreadsheet . but if you click disable the spreadsheet will open but the macro buttons will not work which will effect the spreadsheets efficiency (C)The screen below will be presented once the spreadsheet has opened below : User interface The user interface is the heart of the system which allows you to access the invoice system, and to access the stock list and access the customers list and allow users to choose what they would like to buy. To do this, simply click on the buttons at the top of the screen. These buttons are on all sheets, in the same place and with the same names, they will all open their appropriate areas when you click on them and do the tasks the same . Customers To enter the customer's details into the system, you will first need to select the button from any area. This will open up the customers sheet which should look something like the one below. ?? ?? ?? ?? David Sanderson ...read more.

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