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ICT Project: Identification procedures

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Identification The Problem The On-Site Computer Service is a company that runs a mobile computer repair service. Recently, the management has noticed that expenditure is rising above the limits set. This seems to be because the employees are buying things they think are needed, without checking with the management first. For this reason, they want some method of keeping an eye on any money that is spent by the employees. Solving the Problem After thinking about possible solutions, I have come to the conclusion that there is only one way to solve this problem. A system needs to be created that will record all of the money spent by employees, and also tell them how much is left. The users of the system will be the employees of the company (in order to enter their expenditure into the system and see how much they have left), and the management (will use it to view the entered information). ...read more.


Getting employees to show their spending etc. in a summary, which must be continually updated. Also, to make a summary of the whole department's spending. 4. Getting an employee to create an overall summary of the spending of the entire company. This could be done, but it would take a very long time, as every time new information is added the whole lot must be modified manually. This would take up a lot of time and effort, and would discourage the employees from filling it out properly. It would also mean that it is more likely that the employees will make errors when they are calculating the data, as they have to calculate a lot of data. It may also mean that employees forget about using the system altogether due to the effort and time consummation. For these reasons, I feel that the manual solution is not a very feasible solution. PC Solution: Within the PC solution, there are different software solutions available for me to use. ...read more.


It can also be used to create a summary of all the data in a table or spreadsheet. This means that it will save more of the employees' time. Finally, when a formula is inputted, it will automatically update any summaries whenever the data is changed. Overall, this leads me to conclude that Microsoft Excel is the best program to use in my solution. I have decided to use the PC solution to create my system. Within this, I will use the program, Microsoft Excel, as I can use it to create spreadsheets that will save time and effort for the employees. It will perform calculations automatically, update summaries and show employees how much they have left to spend. By the end of this project, I plan to fill these criteria: * The spreadsheet will show all employees how much they have spent, and how much they have left to spend. * The spreadsheet will show a summary for each employee, each department, and an overall summary. * The spreadsheet will have a warning message for when an employee and/or department overspends. Billy Murphy 11B Page 1 Mrs Wyatt ...read more.

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