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ICT Sample Work India Red

Extracts from this document...


SECTION 1: ANALYSIS FOR INDIA RED BACKGROUND INFORMATION ABOUT THE BUSINESS India Red is an Asian based restaurant in Nuneaton City Centre. They are always looking for ways in which they can promote their business to look at ways in which they could raise money to help finance its various activities, many of which benefit the local community. In 1998, "India Red" was launched. The building was previously used by butchers, therefore the restaurant is quite big, can allocate around 50 people. India Red is quite well known with businesses around the area because they their quality of food and catering provided by them for many different types of occasions like conferences, small meetings. Their main customers are Asian people, businesses, charities and also councils. They provide their services at mass amount at discount prices. E.g. if a charity orders huge amounts of food than they provide 50% discount. They also give certain amount of discount to customers depending on how much they buy and what they buy. India Red is a restaurant with an 5ft X 6ft room which is used for normal restaurant uses to allocate customers when eating in. They also have a area with sofas and bars. And then upstairs they have a 8ft by 10 ft room which is used for conferences and other business uses. They obviously have a kitchen and male/female toilets including for disabled people. They have a massive menu which just does not have Asian food variety, but also English menu. Here are few of the things they provide. Asian Menu Chicken Biryani Sheeesh Kebab Chicken Tikka English Menu Fish & Chips Different Types of Pizza's Spaghetti Bolognese Since opening, the restaurant has been running quite good and bringing in profit. This is due to uniqueness of the restaurant. There are other restaurants in the area, but according to a survey carried out their staff are very friendly and the food is good and prices are quite reasonable. ...read more.


Obviously India Red staff will use it to know how much to charge the customer for the order they have made. Customer will use quotation to let them approximate how much they will be paying for their order. Details The details for the quotation are as follows; it must be printed out in colour on a A4 printer paper and must be landscaped. There should also be India Red's logo, their registration no, registered office and their contact details, in addition to this it must also have VAT registration no., and VAT RATE details. Somewhere on the quotation after the total cost it should have details on possible ways of making payments. It could be Cheque, Cash, Bank Transfer and Online payment. The fields that need to be shown on the quotation form are as follows. Customer Details: Title, First Name, Surname. Address Block: Company Name, Address Line 1, Address Line 2, Town, County, Postcode Booking Details: Location, Delivery or Eat-In, Time, Date Food Details: What ordered and No off. Servings (Quantity). Cost Details: Particular cost, VAT cost, Total Cost, Any extra cost*. *Means that they will not always be included in the quotation. STORAGE REQUIREMENTS I am going to list the data which will need to be kept for a certain amount of time before it can be destroyed. There are laws which state that details have to be kept for a certain time. Basic transaction details have to be kept for at least 5 years, TAX records forever, etc, VAT details, 7 years and so on. Below is the list of details they will have to keep. 1. Everything about the customer. 2. The order details including cost including & excluding VAT. 3. Other details regarding bookings itself such as date, time, etc. HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE REQUIRMENTS FOR THE USER Hardware As mentioned before India Red recently bought four computers, they also have scanners and printers. ...read more.


The data is not cramped and the colours are not very bright, they do not hurt the eyes. The text or font size is quite reasonable and can be read from far. Client Requirement #4 has been met because all of the screens on the Welcome Centre solution have the logo. There is partial evidence that they are on all screen because the screenshot for test #1 and #6 shows logo on the top right hand corner. Client Requirement #5 has been met because data can be seen on the "Quotation" screen as a quotation which can be printed off. The data can also be seen on the "Existing Quotes" screen. This screen can be searched through for previous orders taken. This is evident in test screenshot for tests 6/9/11/14. Client Requirement #6 has been met because all the calculations are done automatically. This is again evident in test screenshot for tests 6/9/11/14. E.g. Client Requirements #7, #8 and #9 have been met. These are all evident from test screenshot for tests 6/9/11/14. Client Requirement #10 has been met because the solution can be copied from one location to another completely different location. This is evident from the last test number 17. It shows screen shot showing the solution at two completely different locations. One copy on the computer and another copy on a memory stick. Limitation of this solution is that only one type of validation can be applied to a field. Another limitation is that it is not very flexible. This solution is quite good in a way because no extra software will be needed to run it. The bad side of it is that it requires a good computer to run and it takes quite a bit of power to run but it runs stable on most computers. Even though it takes quite a bit of power to run it will run on most computer as most modern computers are quite power full. ?? ?? ?? ?? ICT - Sample Work Anas Patel Candidate Number: 1389 Centre Number: 31190 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Computer Science section.

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