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Ilford Cricket Team Data Analysis Project.

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ILFORD CRICKET TEAM DATA ANALYSIS PROJECT NAME and FORM: SHERYAR MAJID 13OS SCHOOL: ILFORD COUNTY HIGH CENTRE NUMBER: 13327 CANDITATE NUMBER: 4078 DATE: 2002/2003 Contents Choice of problem Background to / identification of problem The problem I am investigating is the process in which information from a cricket match is analysed in view of the scores recorded from a match. The problem is that the cricket team captain and coach have a very hard task to change tactics during a match, and after a match. Things such as runs per over, runs needed for victory etc are all needed during a match for tactics, and after a match to see what went wrong. They must do many manual calculations to work out such things and this can cause many errors, as human error is inevitable. Also they cannot draw graphs of data to analyse the data easily, because this requires skill and time. This problem can lead to many problems such as inaccurate analysis, and therefore error in judgement over tactics. This can inevitably have an overall effect on the game as losing and winning a game can rely on this. This can all be solved with the use of computers. Feasibility Study Realistic appraisal of the feasibility of potential solutions. The feasibility stage of my project involves five main sections; these sections include the Technical, Economic, Legal, Operational, and Scheduler sections. These will have to be considered before the analysis to see if this project will be a feasible for the cricket team. I must consider the current software and hardware the cricket team already has available to him. Technical Feasibility Technical feasibility means investigating whether the technology exists to allow for a computer system such as the one I have proposed. Clearly the technology is available and so this means that this project is technically feasible. This project will require on the shelf software, so this is easily available and economic compared to bespoke software. ...read more.


The programs that are available for me to design my system are: 1. Microsoft Word This program is a very powerful word processor that allows you to create reports, letters, and other documents. I will not be using this because this program is for writing documents, and it is not intended for calculating data and making graphs and outcomes. 2. Microsoft PowerPoint This is a presentation program that can be used for presenting work and ideas. PowerPoint is able to show slides one after another, and make it into an animation that helps put ideas across better. It is not intended for building my system, because it does not have the necessary tools 3. Microsoft Excel This is a spreadsheet that is very powerful at computing complex financial related calculations. It is mainly used for creating various kinds of graphs from inputted data. This program would be ideal for my project as my project included inputting complex data in to a spreadsheet and getting outcomes using complex calculations and also creating various graphs to show data in an easier to understand form. 4. Microsoft Access This program is a database, this means it was created to store vast amounts of data, which can be sorted and searched. This would not be a suitable program for designing my scoreboard as it does not carry out complex calculations nor does it create graphs. Justification of chosen solution So overall I have concluded that this task will need the use of a spreadsheet, a computer will be used as filing cabinets get old and rusty and they take up space where as the computer takes up less space and looks professional. Secondly it is not easy to edit and store things on paper and filing cabinets where as the computer can store things neatly and efficiently, and also the data does not get misplaced. Finally its not easy to make backups of information on paper because it will require a lot of time and work, whereas on a computer it is much more time efficient and easy to make backup on a computer. ...read more.


Run rates per over Total runs Wickets Good HCI design: Considers The User - type of use and context - e.g. business or home - User needs/Usability Input/output devices - choice of and appropriateness of Dialogues - to be relevant, simple and clear Colour - use of and colour combinations Icon usage and presentation - 3D effects and depth perception Provides Feedback Exits - clearly marked On-line help Shortcuts Helpful error messages Prevents errors occurring Minimises the amount the user has to remember Sample of planned data capture and entry Data capture in to the sheets,on the comp straight, and if bak up needed, then scores written on paper in this data form.but input later,then calculated. Description of record or database structures Screenshots of the records of each cell, properties etc. Sample of planned valid output The three graphs.three outputs. File organisation and processing forgot Database design including E-R model Entity relationship diagram Description of measures planned for security and integrity of data Description of measures planned for system security (access control) Security, passwords etc Overall test Strategy Top down, bottom up; Black-box testing. White-box testing. Identify suitable test strategies and select and document suitable test data. Unit testing, Integration testing, System testing, Acceptance testing. Test solution and document the results of testing. Technical Solution Write up and discussion of technical solution could refer to other sections Copies of code listings (preferably in the appendix) Details of software tailoring (evidence may be in the systems maintenance section) System Maintenance Develop and document a solution for maintainability. For maintainability a solution should be evaluated in terms of the ease with which it can be corrected if an error is encountered, adapted if its environment changes, or enhanced if customer changes requirements. Use my project to make a documentation on how to maintain this thing. System Testing Use wat I made in excel to test in the testing thing. User Documentation Talk about how to use the system. Appraisal Evalutation of the objectives outlines b4 Sheryar Majid 13D/CO 28/04/07 Computing Coursework Page 2 of 22 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Computer Science section.

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