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In order to establish a business properly communication needs are the most important factor. This is internal using the existing computer network. There are different types of connection methods

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CONNECTION NEEDS OF A SMALL MEDIUM ENTERPRISE Priyanka Regmi Contents Table of contents page 1. Internet Connectivity 3-4 1.1 Types of Connection Methods 3 1.2 Selecting an Internet Service Provider 4 2. Email 5-9 2.1 Spam 5 2.2 Email filters 5-6 2.3 Automatic features and Email filters 6-7 2.4 Email address book distribution lists 7 2.5 Virus Checking 8 2.6 Allow/disable HTML email 8 2.7 Size and type of attachments 9 2.8 Web based Email 9 3. Internet Security and Legal Issues 11-12 3.1 Virus Protection Software 11 3.2 Hackers and Firewall 11 3.3 Spyware 11-12 3.4 Digital Security Certificates 12 4. Internet Access Policy 13 Internet Connectivity In today's tough economy, companies are working even harder than ever to grow their business and control their costs in various items such as telecommunications which includes telephone, internet and similar other such costs in order to manage and grow their customers efficiently and effictevely. In order to establish a business properly communication needs are the most important factor. This is internal using the existing computer network. There are different types of connection methods. Some of them are as follows: Cable Broad band: is the broad band delivered via cable rather than a BT phone line. ...read more.


Email filters: email filter is the process of email to organize it according to specified criteria. Most often this refers to the automatic process of incoming messages, but the term also applies to the intervention of human intelligence in addition to anti-spam techniques, and to out going email as well as those being received. INCLUDEPICTURE "http://www.palomar.edu/atrc/Training/images/junk01.gif" \* MERGEFORMATINET Automatic features such as out of office response and flags: here you can see the print screen of "out of office assistant". INCLUDEPICTURE "http://messaging.unt.edu/files/out_office2.jpg" \* MERGEFORMATINET You can use the flags to prioritise the emails. For example you can use red flags for important messages. Recommendations: I recommend the SME business to make use of flags because by this one can easily be able to direct their attentions at important emails by the exclamation marks, this shows that the emails is really important to be read by the business. By using the other automatic features one will be able to save the time because by using this feature the original sender will know that the person is not therefore, therefore he doesn't need the send an email to each and every person saying that "he is not currently available in the office". ...read more.


People normally confuse hackers with crackers. Recommendation: I recommend you that for a business like SME you need to install firewall so that to ensure that the business doesn't get affected by virus, and also as recommended above Norton should be installed on the computer, to prevent from virus entering the computer system. Spyware: is software that is installed unreasonably on a personal computer to collect information about a user, their computer or browsing habits without informing the user. Spyware program can collect various types of personal information such as internet surfing habits, such as installing additional software, apart form that Spyware steals information from the user by using computer memory resources. It works is several ways. Recommendation: I recommend that an SME business use offer firewalls and software that can easily protect your system that I have already suggested such a McAfee Security Suite, this software has all the essential software required in order to protect your system from spyware viruses and hackers. Digital security certificates: these are the digital ID within SME that is an attachment to an electronic message used for security purposes. The most common use of digital certificate is to verify that a user sending a message is the one who claims to be and provides the receiver with the means to encode a reply. Recommendation: PAGE PAGE 1 ...read more.

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