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In the spreadsheet I am going to design I am going to use the following 'Source Data'. The data to go into the catalogue has been supplied by the company.

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Design Plan In the spreadsheet I am going to design I am going to use the following 'Source Data'. The data to go into the catalogue has been supplied by the company. The data to be used is written below: The information in the table will be displayed on four different spreadsheets but they will be used in different contexts. On one of the screens it will be displayed as it is above, as a simple list of options. On other screens it will be used as a form of stock control, an order form and as a list on an invoice. Another function that I will use on some of my spreadsheets is the AutoSum. This will be used to add up the price of all of the items odered on the Order form. In the workbook I am going to create I will use macros to make the user interaction to a minimal. This means that there is less chance of human error in the calculations that have to be done and that it is easier for the operator to use. All of the macros will be controlled by the buttons that they will be attached to. The only button that will create an 'hard copy' output will be the Print Invoive button. ...read more.


When I started to employ the idea of using forms I came across a problem. The program would not run the macro for the data entry form. I overcame this problem by not selecting the header of the page. This allowed the macro to run. Stock Chart: as instructed I have included a chart that is linked to the stock levels. The columns of the chart adjust according to the values on the stock worksheet. (See example on Appendix 3) The Link Between The Chart And Sheet: for the example of the linked stock graph see Appendix 3. Functions used: in this spreadsheet I use the following functions that are supported: Function Purpose Data Protection This is used to stop unauthorised people accessing and changing any of the prices on the Catalogue worksheet VLOOKUP This is used to import information from one worksheet to another. f function This is used in conjunction with the VLOOKUP so that information is only imported if criteria are met. Macro's These are used to make the program as easy to use as possible. They are used to complete the order and move from page to page. Buttons These are used to initiate the macros. ...read more.


M12 �7.25 1 �7.25 Mitre Elite football (Size 5) M11 �7.25 1 �7.25 Mitre Futebol de Salao M03 �13.00 1 �13.00 Mitre indoor M16 �11.50 1 �11.50 Mitre Indoor 18 M04 �11.50 1 �11.50 Mitre Lite Soccer skill ball M06 �10.50 1 �10.50 Mitre multiplex M17 �21.00 1 �21.00 Mitre Soft touch football M18 �2.95 1 �2.95 Mitre supernova M14 �5.50 1 �5.50 Mitre tactic M13 �5.50 1 �5.50 Total �119.80 To Mark Hancock From GNVQ Sports Catalogue 30 Orchard Way Brook Lane Ind Estate North Bradley Westbury Wiltshire Wiltshire BA14 0SU BA14 0DJ 4. Stock Control Most of the stock in this program is automated. This includes the updating of the stock once an order is placed. Another way of seeing the company stock is to view the 'Stock Graph'. Pressing the button that is situated on the 'Home' page easily does this. This function also allows the user to easily produce a hard copy of the stock situation. The only thing that needs to be done manually is the replenishment of the stock. This is easily done by pressing the 'Replenish Stock' button. 5. Closing the Program To log off of the program simply return to the 'Home' page and use the cross button in the top right hand corner of the window. ...read more.

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