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Infernowear is a new company run by a self-employed creative designer aiming to producing clothing at reasonable prices aimed at young teenagers who are into the skateboard clothing fashion.

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Introduction: Infernowear is a new company run by a self-employed creative designer aiming to producing clothing at reasonable prices aimed at young teenagers who are into the skateboard clothing fashion. As this company has just been set up all orders are phoned through and then written down on any spare paper lying around. At the moment the owner has too much freelance work coming through and is unable to spend the time properly designing and implementing an order system even though he is quite capable. This system will be used to record orders as they are phoned through and also to keep track of the different garments and number in stock. User requirements: Specifically the system should be able to carry out the following procedures. * Store the details of customers and their orders * Keep a list of all garments and garment logos * Record and update stock levels automatically after each order has been recorded * Ability to print out shipping labels for each order placed * Ability to expand the product range by adding new types of garment and garment logos to the system * Each logo and garment should have a simple product code that makes identification and inserting into the database easy and fast. * A search option should be included so that stock level and customer orders can be quickly displayed * A variety of data should be printed in reports including shipping labels and the order line. * As personnel details will be stored it is essential that the system is password protected so that it keeps this data safe and complies with the data protection act. Feasibility study: I will now carry out a feasibility study, as it is the first stage of the systems life cycle. After this I will then make a full detailed investigation into the current system and requirements of the new proposed system. ...read more.


There will also be an auto customer ID number assigned to each new customer. Also I would like to insert a "memo" text box so that any special information about the customer can be logged here, this could include previous complaints and any payment problems. editClothing & editLogos: These two forms will enable the user to add different types of garment and logos whenever new designs are produced. This will make updating the system easy and hassle free because you don't have to manually enter the new products into the complicated forms. FrmOrderline: This form will be where all orders are made; it will use a query called qryOrderline that combines the customer, clothing and logo tables. This data will then be displayed in a sub form within the qryOrderline form. After an order has been made it will then be added to the Orderline table. Report design: My system will include four reports, one for printing shipping labels, two for logos and garment labels these will be stuck to the deliveries as they come in from the printer so that each box of products are easily identifiable when looking in the stock room. The other report will be the master order line consisting of all the customer orders so that Mr Hull can take this into the store room and gather all items needed with out needing individual customer order sheets. Report names: LabelCustomer: This report will be based on the query qryOrderline showing each customer who has an order & with there shipping address. LogoLables: This report will be based on the Logos table giving the user the ability to print out identification labels for labelling the stock. ClothingLables: This report will be based on the Clothing table giving the user the ability to print out labels for identifying the stock. OrderLine: This report will be produced from the query qryOrderline showing all orders with only the customers name and ID; this saves space, paper and ink. ...read more.


I have not been able to test this part of the system, but the report is set up to print on standard A4 labels so I see no reason why it would not work, obviously the label paper would have to match what the system is set up to print. A payment-received option has been added thus only showing orders that have been paid for, on the main master order report. This is a complete success and works with out any glitches or problems. The last performance indicator stat that the stock level should be updateable after each item is booked out. This has eventually been done after a lot of research into SQL and after a lot of time spent getting the syntax just right. It is a small simple piece of code that has fulfilled this last performance criterion. Future enhancements: At this point in time there is no report for printing customer recites, this is quite important but is easily doable and will be completed after Mr Hull gets back from his holiday cruise. Each item could be given a stock location as well as an amount. This would then make sure that if the stock room were to grow the system would already be able to store the individual stock location of any one item. Last but not least it would be a nice idea to include some sort of mail merge so that whenever a letter has to be sent out to all customers it can be automated saving a lot of time manual work. Mr Hull is currently using this system to see whether it's the sort of program that can do the tasks he specified earlier in this document. If this system proves to b built to a high standard he will use it until it needs updating or extra more complicated features are needed, at this point he may be forced to invest in an off the shelf package solution. Unfortunately Mr Hull is on holiday and I am unable to contact him and get any further feedback. Pete Britten Infernowear Database project 1 ...read more.

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