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Information technology - Company systems.

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Project Introduction I have selected an end user for my project. The Parker family own a string of stationery shops which have been very successful. However, the Parker family noticed that their selection of 'post-it' notes has become very successful and is the best seller for the company. The Parker family's son, James, has decided to run a separate company, specialising in 'post-it' notes. The company will need to buy and sell goods and must have a fully functional system from which to direct operations. Currently the system is stored on file, which is on paper and not very convenient for a large company. The company is run from the main offices of his parents company and therefore will need to be on computer to take up less space. The system will need to be able to: * Have a catalogue of goods available. * Buy and sell goods. * Process delivery requests quickly and easily. * Produce a bill / receipt for the customer. * Keep a list of all stock levels. * Keep a list of all previous customers. ...read more.


So I would need the system to be as simple as possible!" Spreadsheet Design Below is a list of the spreadsheets that I intend on using along with a brief description of what they will contain and the function it will have within the system itself. Order Form The order form will be used by the company to process the orders which the customer can place. It will have spaces for name & address, Product name & number, cost, quantity & total. As these cells are filled in the sub-total cell will calculate the sub-total of the order without the postage & packaging added on. The total cell will then work out the total cost of the order, including costs for postage & packaging. Previous Orders This sheet will save all the orders from customers which have been processed using the 'Order Form' ad save them in a separate sheet incase any orders should be queried. Countries This sheet contains a list of all the countries to which the 'Post-it' people will deliver. Catalogue The catalogue sheet will have a list of products which the customer can order, along with the price of the product including size's large & small. ...read more.


Name Of Column / Section Data Description & format Comments Example Name The name of the customer. Text Mrs Banks Street The street at which the customer lives Text / Number Carleton Road City / Town The city / town at which the customer lives. Text Pontefract Postcode The customers postcode Text / Number WS4 RF6 Country The country in which the customer has residence Text England Invoice Total The total for the order. Currency � �99.90 Countries Name Of Column / Section Data Description & format Comments Example Country The name of the country Text England P&P The cost of Postage & packaging (percentage) Text / Number 10% Exchange rate The exchange rate of that country to pounds (�) Text 1.23 Symbol The countries currency symbol Text / Number EU - Euro Catalogue Name of column / section Data description & format Comments Example Code A number which identifies the product. Number maximum of 3 numbers. 2 Item When the code is entered the item will appear here. Text Red (Small) Cost / Price When the code is entered the cost of the product will appear here. Currency in � �9.99 Chris Blackwell ICT Coursework 12D ...read more.

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