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Information technology research project

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Rachels information technology coursework Index. 1. CDROMs as a Learning Resource. 2. Microsoft PowerPoint.(r) 3. Digital Cameras. 4. Videoconferencing. 5. Speech Recognition. Preamble. Information Technology, (IT ) is now a widely used tool in education, business and leisure. This project describes some of the facilities listed above which are used with varying degrees of success in education. As a tool of teaching, they have values which are discussed, but their widespread application in commerce and leisure makes having experience of them a requisite part of wider education. However, they can easily be construed as the way the learn, or as the only tool needed. With the exception of very mature and able people this is a fallacy, as one has to be very dedicated to learning and have developed considerable discipline to attain success by this method alone. Even the Open University which uses mainly distance and more recently online learning realises that periodic face to face meetings with tutors and other students is essential to get the best understanding out of any teaching program. It is interesting that the new ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) which is likely to become the standard broader qualification for basic IT in the future, has been devised so it can be studied and tested by distance learning from CDROM. Time will tell how many people can do this right through with minimal tutor or lesson contact. Currently both class, and distance learning with tutor support are being tried by different local colleges. It seems likely to be attractive as a qualification for people who have perhaps have had training in some of the 7 component sections, but wish to round out their basic knowledge somewhat. ...read more.


The design mode is changed to slide show mode for projection so the full screen is used by the slide, with menu bars etc., used in design mode not taking part up of it. The video lead from the PC is usually plugged into the projector and a return lead to the usual monitor so that the user can see the small screen without facing away from the audience. At design time one can also show all the slides together in miniature as a display where they can be easily rearranged as required. The slides can be printed out in full page or several to a page if required so that a copy can be given to participants as a handout. Additionally, notes can be added to a half size printout of each slide and printed out, usually to act as prompts for the lecturer, but can be used for participants also if appropriate. During projection, a 'pen' can be added so that the speaker can 'draw' on the slide being projected to emphasise a point, this drawing being temporary and not stored in the file. Timing can be added, either to match the speaker's requirement for automatic change for each slide at appropriate times, or at a specified regular time interval. It can also cycle the whole program indefinitely for such applications as public viewing at exhibitions. There is facility to send the presentation to someone who has not got the full PowerPoint package by a file which is self standing on another PC. ...read more.


Things like punctuation and capital letters are also dictated. The environment must be reasonably quiet or the software will also try to interpret extraneous sounds. Bear in mind that one has to read carefully through the text afterwards to check for errors in conversion which slows down the overall process. Running a spell check is inappropriate as a substitute, as the program may generate true words, but may not be the ones intended. Has this applications in education? Some pundits suggest that in 5 or 10 years time, the software will be so sophisticated that it will be able to work faster than a reasonable typist - the truth is more likely that we shall have to wait and see. One has also to bear in mind that it might be fine to enter the reading of a written text, but usually things are also being composed whilst entering at a keyboard. So the likely strings of words punctuated with "ums" and "ahs" and " no change that to..." will not work in such dictation. As current text recognition of scanned images (OCR) is well advanced, this seems to be the way straight written text will be entered. It would be a special skill that people would need to acquire to be able to dictate a new document directly in well composed speech. Certainly in view of the general 'dumbing down' of standards of English, many people currently in the workplace would be unable to do this effectively and the keyboard will probably still be the major input device for most applications. 1 See project - IT in education ...etc. Task 9. 2 Rick Maybury. Boot Up Projects. Daily Telegraph Publications - 1 - ...read more.

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