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Input and Output Devices

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Input and Output Devices 1. Keyboards: Ad- Data can be entered quickly. - Most pc's come with a keyboard. Dis- It is easy to make mistakes when using a keyboard. - Hard to enter some data e.g. details of diagrams and pictures etc. 2. Mouse: Ad- It is easier to move stuff around with a mouse than using the arrow keys on the keyboard. - Generally easy to use. - It's often faster to use a mouse of getting the tasks you want to start. Dis- They can stop functioning correctly if not cleaned and looked after properly. - People new to pc's can find it difficult to control the pointer on the monitor. ...read more.


Dis- Images can take up a lot of memory space. 7. Magnetic stripe reader: Ad- Magnetic strips are built into many plastic cards such as cheque guarantee cards, cash-point cards and personal identity cards. - The magnetic strip on the back of the card can hold the personal details of the card owner and, with the necessary PIN, will allow access to secure information e.g. bank account details. Data stored on the strip is scanned and input into a computer system by a reader. Dis- they can get damaged. - Ordinary equipment can read but not change the data. 8. Microphone: Ad- you can add your own recordings to presentations or emails etc. ...read more.


Dis- they are slower than laser printers. - Can dry out if left for long. - Expensive to change cartridges 11. dot-matrix printers. Ad- low running costs and are cheap to buy. - Offer a cheap reliable method of getting a second copy of a printout. Dis- They are comparatively noisy and low quality - They are slow. 12. Plotter: Ad- A plotter can be used to produce high quality, accurate, A3 size or bigger drawings. They are usually used for Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM) applications such as printing out plans for houses or car parts. -Dis- they are slower than printers. - Often more expensive to buy than printers. - Not suitable for text although it can be produced. - limit to amount of detail. ...read more.

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