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Internet security

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Security Issues and Legal Constraints of Websites How might someone obtain information about another person on the internet? Identify a website where this may happen. Users can easily obtain information from unknown people online such as by viewing at their profile where their contact details are sometimes their bank details are too. These websites are MySpace and Facebook which are all popular for the users because they are social network group. When people give information about them self online, they make it easier for hackers to find people offline. So people should think carefully about who they give out their address to, what their phone number is or which school / job they go to. What potential security issues could this access cause? The potential security issue caused are that they can see people details which may include their full name, date of birth, address and even their bank account. ...read more.


Organisations that stores personal data must take by certain rules: - They must protect the data from unauthorised access. - -they must not pass on the data to other organisations without the individual's permission. - The data they hold must be accurate and up to date, and must not be held for longer than needed. What must a site like www.hsbc.co.uk do to comply with this law? HSBC must comply with the law data person act 1998 such as they keep personal details secure, in all circumstances. This means that organisations cannot use the data people give to them and used it for themselves. For e.g. a member of HSBC send an email to them. The company cannot use email but replying to person who bellowing to. By what methods could a hacker infiltrate a commercial web site like www.hsbc.co.uk? Hacker can infiltrate HSBC website by using other people user name as they have their information. ...read more.


The companies need use encrypted which is a way of making data unreadable to expect the receiver. What can users do to minimise security risks when online? Users should use software protections before going online to prevent attacks from hackers or unwanted viruses which could result the PC stop responding. Antivirus: Is a software helps protect users against viruses. Anti virus scan hidden viruses in an email messenger or web page which could damage the computer system. Anti virus helps disable the virus and prevent it from damaging user's computer. So that users can surf the website safely without worrying about fraud or being attack by viruses or other threats. Spyware: Is software that hides itself somewhere on pc users collecting information about users and what they do on the internet. Users can remove spyware by installing software like Adware that will scan user's pc can remove the unwanted spyware. Firewall: Is software that prevents unauthorised come into user's network. So that cannot steal people privacy. ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit 21: Website Production and Management ...read more.

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