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Introducing a new system using the Systems Life Cycle

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Introducing a new system using the Systems Life Cycle 1. * The current system may no longer be suitable for its purpose * Technological developments may have made the current system redundant or outdated * The current system may be too inflexible or expensive to maintain 2. Information systems fail for many reasons at any stage of the systems life cycle:- Analysis Not enough time / money spent on analysis Objectives poorly defined Not enough staff / lack on continuity Users not sufficiently involved Analysts have poor communication skills / do not establish what the requirements are Design Users not involved Meets original design but not flexible for minor changes Management not involved Major changes to procedures implemented without consideration on staffing impact Programming Not enough time to complete programming / not enough computing resources Programmers have insufficient skills Not enough staff / lack on continuity Poor documentation - problems with staffing changes Testing No thorough testing plan Lack of user involvement No ...read more.


If the preliminary survey identifies a problem then the objectives of the system will be defined at this stage. Feasibility Study The existing system is looked at briefly and various alternatives (such as replacing the existing system or upgrading it or extending it) are considered. A formal report is prepared for management identifying the solution the greatest cost benefit. Management can then decide whether or not to proceed to the next stage System Investigation Information about the existing system is collected. Methods used to carry out the system investigation will include looking at existing system documents, questionnaires, interviews and direct observation.. This information will be used to determine the information requirements of the system during the design stage. As part of the system investigation the remaining stages will be described and a time scale determined. Systems Analysis At this stage the information gathered during the system investigation is used to analyse the existing system, determining exactly what functions it performs and what problems need to be overcome. ...read more.


Design will normally be structured to follow a top-down methodology. The overall problem will be broken down in to smaller and smaller sub-problems which will then be solved System Implementation The system is produced. Program code is written so that the design specified in the design stage is turned into a real system. The system is tested, staff trained and old files converted to the new system or new files set up and the existing system is changed over to the new one. Changeover may be direct - the old system is discontinued and the new one takes over or parallel - where the new system is run alongside the existing until it is bedded in. An alternative is to run the new system as a prototype. Review and maintenance The System delivered is measured against the system requirements documentation and its performance monitored. Inevitably some aspects of performance will be unsatisfactory and this will lead back to the first stage of the system life cycle which then repeats over again. ...read more.

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