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IT-based solutions, embracing the newest IT developments throughout the whole organisation

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Introduction: This reports purpose is to act as a summary, highlighting the consequences that will come to Eden Farm, by them implementing IT-based solutions, embracing the newest IT developments throughout the whole organisation. Hardware Systems: Currently the business is using paper based systems. Three purposed hardware systems that can be used by the Eden Farm Organic Foods business are: * Upgrading and purchasing new computers: This will help the business with storing files and important information. It will also allow the company to communicate via e-mail and video conferencing. A good recommendation for the new systems would be to have at least 100GB Hard Drive to store all the relevant data also a RAM of at least 1GB to allow multiple functions to be used. * Increasing capacity Increasing the capacity of the business will speed up production and allow for more sales. Increasing the capacity of the computer systems will greatly increase the amount of functions the computer will be able to do. * Increasing Communications With the company expanding into different parts of the country there will be a need to easily communicate and advise any department of any needs or changes this can be done by creating a network where all the computer systems with in Eden Farm are connected to the same network allowing internal communications. Software Systems: * Application Software This is a single program that can only do a specific task. ...read more.


Also it will allow them to see what sort of produce people are most interested in. As the business is moving from paper based systems to computer based then up skilling of the staff will be essential. Otherwise the staff will become useless to Eden Farm and there may be cause for redundancies. As Burnley college allows for home and remote working then it is suggested that Eden Farm create a similar method to allow their staff to communicate and gain access to files This will benefit staff as they will be no need to have to go into work to contact or collect important documents and other things. Also it will allow for department interaction so that there is no more lack of communications. Eden Farm can increase their globalisation by setting up an online ordering system, which will allow anyone anywhere to purchase from them, instead of the customers having to call up or visit the shop they will simply use the website. This can increase sales figures and the customer range so that the business can keep on expanding possibly to other countries. A list of risks while using IT that Eden Farm may encounter and how they can be managed. Antivirus packages and Back Ups: A virus checker is a piece of software that prevents virus's wrecking a computer they do this by corrupting work, deleting files and changing settings. ...read more.


Copyright Act 2000- This gives the creator of an original piece work exclusive rights to it usually for a limited period. It generally gives the creator the right to allow others to copy the piece of work. It stops people claiming other peoples work as their own and benefitting from it in any way. Digital Millennium Copyright Act 2000 - This makes it illegal for anyone to access copyrighted work by any means necessary. This also protects technology, weapons, designs of ships and devices. Meaning that they too cannot be copied. Computer Misuse Act 1990- This prevents people going on inappropriate sites during work hours. It also protects the computer from any unauthorized entry via hackers who set their computers to decrypt passwords and security measures enabling them to access the data. It also prevents people from putting passwords or security on data that there do not have the right to encrypt like someone else's personal data or someone's personal computer. Firewalls This checks all network traffic and does not allow any file or application through if it decides it to be a potential risk. It is basically a barrier to keep hazard files away from a computer. The image shows the flow of a firewall. ?? ?? ?? ?? National Diploma For ICT Practitioners Unit 35: Impact of ICT on Business Systems Assignment: 4 Name: Connor Veitch Centre Number: 47303 Candidate Number: Page: 1 ...read more.

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