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IT Definitions

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HARDWARE * RAM : Random Access Memory. It is the area where all software and programmes run. * ROM: Read Only Memory: This is the memory that is stored in ROM device and it cannot be modified (at least not very quickly or easily), it is mainly used to distribute programmes and firmware (software that is linked to a specific hardware). * IDE: Integrated Drive Electronics, this connects the hard drives and ROM Drives to the motherboard using the IDE cables. PCI: Peripheral Component Interconnect. Specifies a computer bus for attaching peripheral devices to a computer motherboard. These include network cards, modems, sound cards, etc. * AGP: Accelerated Graphics Port: It is a high-speed point-to-point channel for attaching a graphics card to a computer's motherboard, primarily to assist in the acceleration of 3D computer graphics. * Motherboard: It is a board on which various computer components are plugged in through different slots and ports. ...read more.


A slight change in volts etc. may render the device to burn up. * Heat sink: Since the data travels as electrons in the PC circuit this generates a lot of heat. The processing unit which is having to control all the functions on the motherboard or the device itself heats up. This can be controlled by using specific components called heat sink. These are made of metal that conduct heat rapidly thus absorbing heat from the hot surface and the fan on it cools it thus allowing it to keep absorbing more heat. SOFTWARE * Operating System: It is also known as the platform or the environment in which different programmes or applications will run. All applications and programmes are developed for different platforms depending upon what the user is most likely to use. The most common operating systems are: o WINDOWS: This is developed by Microsoft. It controls most of the PC market in the world. ...read more.


* Anti-Virus: An anti-virus is a programme that scans the hard-drive and memory area for virus programmes that should not be residing at locations that are crucial and from where they can launch themselves and cause problem. The anti-virus either removes the virus programme but in cases where it cannot remove it without damaging the main programme, then it puts it in quarantine thus making it harmless and containing it in one place. * Multimedia: These are programmes that are associated with audio and video files and as different companies have their own formats, we need different types to run each one separately. Some are able to play a larger variety than others depending upon the codec (the format used in coding the file) database that programme has and can use. * Spreadsheet/Accounts: These are programmes that help us in calculations and create formulas that enable us to calculate the spreadsheet. * Database: A database is a collection of data that has been created for a specific purpose. IT can be accessed by using various search criteria. * Wordprocessing: This is used for all types of correspondence and creating reports, making brochures, etc. ...read more.

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