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IT in a supermarket.

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IT in a supermarket IT in a supermarket - a) Computers in supermarkets are used for many different tasks, such as controlling the stock to the temperatures in the freezers. b) In the example, computers are used for controlling the temperatures in the freezers and controlling the stock. c) EPOS stands for electronic point of sale. d) Each EPOS till has the following equipment - - Keyboard - Digital display - Scanner (to read bar codes) - Printer - Credit/debit card reader - Till drawer e) These parts connect together to the base unit of every till. The base unit is connected to the master computer in the system office. Bar codes - a) Bar codes are numbers, which identify different products from each other. These codes are printed onto the product labels. b) Bar codes contain different pieces of information, such as - The country code from which the product came from - The company code who produce the product - A code for the product - A check digit, to make sure the code has been read correctly Scanners - a) ...read more.


c) EFT works even if the supermarkets bank and the customer's bank are different. The credit card is swiped at the card reader, which is then read on via the magnetic strip. The amount spent is then taken out of the bank account, and into the supermarkets account. Stock Control - a) Two computers are used at the branch because they back each other up of one fails. If one failed, and there wasn't another computer, the system would fail. b) The branch computers are linked to the head office via a telephone line in another part of country. c) At the end of each day, the branch sends the details of each sale to the main computer at head office. d) The head office uses this information to update the stock of each product for every branch, and uses this to data to automatically order the correct quantity of goods for the next delivery. e) The data is also used for updating any price changes descriptions of new items and any special offers on items to each branch. ...read more.


b) Computers control the freezers in the supermarket by all being linked to the branch freezer. The individual freezers send back data to the branch freezer, which processes this data to figure out if the individual freezer is at the correct temperature, maintaining the correct temperature at all times. c) This helps with defrosting and breakdowns because there is a display on the front of each freezer, and id defrosted every three hours to prevent breakdowns and wastage of food. Advantages of IT in a supermarket - The advantages to the customer and managers of the supermarket include - Stock control is more efficient. So there is less chance of goods being out of stock. - The checkout is more efficient and there is less chance of staff making errors. - Sales forecasting and profiles can be made, which leads to more efficient use of shelf space. - Little warehouse space is needed in each supermarket because the efficient distribution system. - The performance of the checkout staff can be monitored. - Shelf pricing is more cost effective than labelling each product separately. - The ability to use electronic funds transfer improves cash flow. - Chilled down frozen goods can be managed effectively. ...read more.

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