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Little Tree Analysis

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272, Tabuan Heights Jalan Song, Phase 1, 93350, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia Dear Danielle, Greetings from Hanoi! I hope you and everyone else is doing well back in Kuching. I presume the weather there is burning hot as usual? Or has it cooled down a bit? Anyway, the reason I'm writing this letter to you is to give you an update on the latest book I read. Judging by your massive bookshelf that is overflowing with books, you're obviously an avid reader like me. So, I'm hoping to convince you into reading this book, I'm sure you'll enjoy it! The title of the book is called 'Digital Fortress' by Dan Brown. I know that you've read 'Angels and Demons' as well as 'The Da Vinci Code.' I ALSO know that you enjoyed these two books since you kept persuading me to read them, so, now it's my turn. I won't spoil the book by telling the entire plot to you, but I'll tell you enough to make you interested! ...read more.


The book states many types of codes such as Julius Caesar's 'perfect square' cipher box and these codes are truly fascinating to know about! The whole story starts when Susan receives a call from the commander of NSA, Trevor Strathmore, when she was supposed to be on vacation with her fianc´┐Ż, David Becker. Apparently, David has also been occupied by some business as well. 'What is it?' you ask. Well, I'm not going to tell you. Commander Strathmore has been stumped by a program that he downloaded from the Internet, called Digital Fortress. It is apparently able to generate unbreakable codes that will put a stop to the NSA. Commander Strathmore is stunned by the results when TRANSLTR is unable to break the code to get access to Digital Fortress since it is being locked by a pass-key. The run time for the code of Digital Fortress to be broken has taken more than 15 hours, while the longest code that TRANSLTR ever broke merely took 3 hours. ...read more.


Will she be able to save the man she loves? Well, you'll find out if you read the book. I highly recommend you read it. Though it sounds complicating since it deals with computers and science, the plot is much more than that. It's made up of drama, secrecy, lies, shocking truth, suspense, love and so much more. This book is an excellent heart-racing thriller and I truly enjoyed every single word of it. Trust me; I know you'll enjoy it as much as I did. After all, have I ever lied to you? Well, that's all for now I guess. The next time you should do after reading this letter is to head straight to the bookshop! You know what I mean. Missing you loads and I hope you'll let me know what you think of the book. I'll be back in summer to visit you and the rest of our crazy friends. Cheers and take care! Love, Amy P.S You better read the book, I'm expecting a reply telling me how much you enjoyed it. P.P.S You'll love me more for it! ...read more.

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