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Manual data collection.

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Manual Data Collection Manual data collection is when you use an instrument to measure a certain aspect of the weather however unlike modern devices these instruments to not automatically read and interpret the data for you, you have to look at the instrument yourself to read the data that has been collected. There are numerous instruments that are used to collect data manually such as * An anemometer: is an instrument that measures wind speed. The most common kind of anemometer consists of three or four cups attached to short rods that are connected at right angles to a vertical shaft. As the wind blows, it pushes the cups, which turn the shaft. The number of turns per minute * Wind vane this like the anemometer measures the wind however measures which direction the wind travels in * A Rain Gauge: is an instrument that measures the amount of rainfall the rain gauge is a beaker with a mm rule marked out on the side and a funnel attached to the top, the water is collected at the bottom of the beaker and is then measured the data can be recorded at a number of times in the day to see how much precipitation has occurred over a certain period of time. ...read more.


Data Logging Data logging is the automatic recording of data for later use. Where a computer is used, sensors usually collect the data via an interface box and the data is then stored in a computer. Many modem interface boxes have the ability to store data themselves. Data can then be analysed later. In order for the data logging system can work, it requires sensors. Data can be set to record over a certain period of time and frequency can be set to which measurements are made, also the measurements will be more accurate because there is no human error. Advantages Of An Automatic Weather Station * The automatic station can be set to take readings over a certain period of time so you can even take readings when you are not there e.g in the middle of the night you will still be able to take readings while you are in bed * The frequency with which the data is logged can be changed * The electronic signals can be relayed through communication lines (by radio or through the telephone wires) ...read more.


Analogue and Digital The principle feature of analogue representations are that they are continuous where as Digital representations consist of values measured at discrete intervals also computers are unable to read non-digital format this is why an analogue to digital converter is needed to read the data. Results Most of the weekly data that has been recorded with 21 readings 3 readings, each day however the rainfall has only been recorded with one reading at the end of the day. The temperature has been recorded in degrees Celsius and the highest temperature is 16 C and the lowest is 3.02 C. The rainfall has been recorded in mm with one reading each day the lowest amount of rainfall is 0 mm and the highest is 4 mm The wind speed is measured in m/s the highest speed 20.11 m/s an the lowest is 1.53 m/s The humidity is measured in percentage the highest humidity is 75% the lowest is 23% The day log temperature has been recorded at a set time of every 30 minutes the temperature is recorded in C. The highest temperature is 19.2 C and the lowest is 4.36 C ...read more.

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