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Membership System For "Abbey Court Leisure health and fitness" - computer system design

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MEMBERSHIP SYSTEM FOR "ABBEY COURT LEISURE HEALTH AND FITNESS" LEICESTER USER GUIDE MANUAL BY Nikita Kevat 25th April 2004 Contents 1. Introduction 2. Starting up the system 3. Maintaining the membership data (for example) 4. 5. 6. On Screen Help 7. Troubleshooting 8. Security 9. Back-up procedures 10. Installation 11. Glossary of technical terms 12. Index USER MANUAL INTRODUCTION This software is designed to help keep track of customers and their membership at Abbey Court Leisure and Fitness in Leicester. It will help you as the user to overcome any problems and get used to the system to use regularly. This user guide is designed to help you use the Abbey Court Leisure system to add member's details and print letters out to charge them the annual fee. It will also show you the hardware and the software that is required to use the system. This user guide is a systematic guide showing you how to manage the system and how to install it on your own computer. This user guide also tells you how to avoid common errors. It has been designed to run on a PC running Windows 98 or above and needs Microsoft Access 98 or above and Microsoft Word 98 or above to be installed on the computer before usage. ...read more.


> STARTING THE SYSTEM: (for all the instructions below I have also inserted screenshots next to them to help you figure out what is needed. ) Firstly you will have to upgrade your PC if you have to, in order to suit the system requirements. Such as installing MS Access 98 or above if you already haven't got it. Secondly you will then have to load up Microsoft Access. Once into the program you will have to select file, and the open. You will also have to maximise the system by clicking on the X at the top right hand side of the toolbar. This will be found on the left hand side of the toolbar at the top of the screen. The application that needs opening is called: AccessMemberTbl. Mdb and is held in a directory called Members. Double click on it when you find that particular program. It should open up immediately. This is now the main menu: SECURITY AND PASSWORDS: You will be asked to enter a password. The password is currently "nikiowen" but you should change this as soon as possible. This is so you change it to something that you remember and something that others are not likely to guess. ...read more.


INPUT MASK - this is a pattern for entering data. MAIL MERGE - this is where parts of the letter i.e. the address will automatically appear and can be changed to the next address with one button. The rest of the letter is already written up. MENU - this is a list of options from which a user can select, this could be for opening a program or a file. QUERY - this is to find all the records to satisfy the criteria that you have entered. REPORT - this is a way of inputting data and viewing it on the screen, and then printing it out. This is mainly for the manager and the secretary of the company to analyse. CONTACT DETAILS - If you have any problems with the system, you can contact me: either at my home address or on my home/mobile telephone number. You can also send me an e-mail if any problems arise, I will contact you back as soon as I get it. Nikita Kevat 3 Perry Barr Aston Birmingham B48 8AM Telephone number -(0116) 2730309 Mobile number -(+44) 07743410088 Email address - niki16_04@hotmail.com INDEX - Adding a member Application package Back up Copy CPU Exit Floppy disk Hardware Keyboard Laser jet printer Main menu Microsoft Access MemberID Messages Monitor Mouse Operating system Paste Printer Printing Software Searching for a member Windows XP Student Number - 037154 Name - Nikita Kevat Centre: 25270 Page 1 of 1 ...read more.

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