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Mike Basset and Bill Gates had been friends since high school.

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Mike Basset and Bill Gates had been friends since high school. They'd competed for 1st place all the time. They'd spent hour's together writing computer programs even before people heard in programming. They grew up together and even went to university and were joint top students. They both went in the programming business and soon each opened their own computer company Bill named his 'Microsoft' and Mike called it 'Compufriek'. Bill was very successful and was very famous his products all across the globe he was well know for Windows and Microsoft office. On the other hand Mike was very good but only known in the United States but still lacking behind Bill. They both got married and had children. Mike's wife Jenny was very jealous of Marry Mrs. Gates shoe always used to talk about how successful her husband is and the contacts he makes with Difrent Company's across the world. Mike is also fed up his only ambition from when he was a boy was to run the best computer company and here his best friend his standing in his way. One day Mr. & Mrs. Gates invited the Bassets for a barbecue in their new mansion. It was exactly noon when the Bassets arrived at the Gates. ...read more.


she says quietly. "You want me to betray my best friend. No forget about it" he replied angrily and went to bed. The next day he gets up and goes on his computer to do a bit of work. He kept working on his hacking program until it was finished. "Honey" he called. "I've finished my program." Jenny walks in and congratulates him "Well no you need to test it!" she said. "Test it?" he replied. "Who on?" "I can't try it on anyone its illegal" "Well test it on Bills I am sure he wont mind, you are his best friend" she tells him "Just see if it works properly and the switch it off" "Well ok" he replies and starts to test it he started to input and few numbers and letters and the put search. Bills name came up on the screen. He accessed his computer. "Look what's that?" asked Jenny "Oh it will be some of his files" "I'll close it now I know it works" he said "No" Jenny said, "just have a quick look, it won't hurt" He sat there looking at Bill Gates files. His ambition took control of him. He spotted a file named 'big plan'. ...read more.


He couldn't go out and show his face to the public they would just give him credit for the new program and that would make things worse. One week later something very unexpected happened when Mike was at home. The F.B.I came knocking at his door. "Can I help you?" he asked "Would you please come with us?" they replied. "What seems to be the matter?" Mike asked knowing he was caught. "You are under arrest for hacking into someone's computer and steeling ideas and programs." They replied in a disappointed tone of voice. At that moment he knew his life was over his ambition just destroyed his life. He went quietly with them. As stepping out of their car and going towards the police station he says Bill. "I'm sorry," he said to him. "From all the people I didn't want to think it was you" he replied in a disappointed way. Mike walked off with the agents and into the station. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison. All of the money from the program went to Bill Gates and he got all the credit. He managed to by back all his company and start dominating the computer world once again. Mike was finished he would never write another computer program again. Bill's life returned to normal except for one thing he had no best friend beside him. The End ...read more.

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