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Modelling a database for a Garment Manufacturing company.

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Modelling a database for a Garment Manufacturing company. Task Outline This project will contain information on the processing involved in modelling a database for a Garment Manufacturing company. It will also document how to create letter and fax templates that make the work more efficient. The database will hold details about the suppliers, customers and stock etc. The garment style, size, how many ordered and deadline dates for the garments to be finished will also be data which is stored in the table. The end-user Mr Jordan will be able to recall information on any of his suppliers or customers. He will be able to link what the customer orders to what he has to order from his suppliers or if the customers provides their own supplies he will see the amount needed. Mr Jordan will be able to send letters automatically to his customers and suppliers about work and orders. The database will be developed using Microsoft Access, the supplier and customer letters will be created in Microsoft Word and merged with data from Microsoft Access. Background to Organisation The Garment Manufacturing Company is called Air Ltd, it is located in Stratford and is owned by Mr Jordan. There are nine workers, which Mr Jordan is in charge of. He takes care of every aspect of the business himself apart from parts of the accounts. All of the other nine workers are arrange in a production line around the work place. Mr Jordan deals with the customer enquiries, orders and suppliers etc. At the moment letters are created from scratch in Microsoft Word. ...read more.


His experience with IT is very limited. The new system must be easy to understand so that the vital functions can be successfully carried out. No errors should occur, everything should be clear. Availability of hardware and software The previous software that Mr Jordan was using is called Lotus Word Pro96 but has recently purchased a new PC with Microsoft Office 2000 on it. This new computer is manufactured by Compaq and has the following specification: � 900Mhz processor � 64Mb RAM � 13Gigabytes HDD � 17 inch VDU � Cannon Bubble Jet printer BJC4200 � Microsoft Office 2000 Mr Jordan has an ideal specification if not too good for the functional requirements. The software in the school will easily correspond with Mr Jordan's PC since in school Microsoft Office 97 is available. Time constraints The deadline for the project is to be completed for the 30^th March. This gives approximately nine weeks for development, testing and documentation. Documentation will take up a great deal of the time this means that time will be a major constraint upon the completed system. Initial time plan Consideration of solutions Data such as company names and address's will need to be stored along with ordering details etc. this means that a database must be used. A word processor will also be needed because letters have to be created for the customers. Mail merge could be used. There are two choices for the type of database: relational or Flat-file. Flat-file A Flat-file database will not be suitable because it would mean that all of the field would have to be stored in one table. ...read more.


Enter date Self-Validating and Presence Check Time Given Enter amount of time given Profit Available Currency Enter amount Self-Validating and Presence Check Order Table Field Name Data Type Comments Validation CustomerID AutoNumber Automatically generated Primary Key Self-Validating Style Text (size 50) Enter company name - maximum 50 characters Presence check Material Text (size 50) Enter company name - maximum 50 characters Presence check Colour Text (size 40) Enter company name - maximum 40 characters Presence check Size Number Number Presence check Fittings Text (size 70) Enter company name - maximum 70 characters Presence check Supplier Table Field Name Data Type Comments Validation SupplierID AutoNumber Automatically generated Primary Key Self-Validating Supplier Name Text (size 40) Enter company name - maximum 40 characters Presence check Contact Name Text (Size 60) Enter company name - maximum 60 characters Presence check Address 1 Text (Size 30) Property number and road name Presence check Address 2 Text (Size 20) Town Presence check Address 3 Text (Size 20) Region Presence check Post Code Text (Size 6) Enter Post Code Format Telephone Number (Size 14) Enter the land line phone number Format Fax Number (Size 14) Enter the land line phone number Format E-mail Text (size 50) Enter the e-mail address Presence Check Account Number Number (Size 8) Enter number (8 digits) Format and Presence Check Queries Query Name Type Tables Used Action Payment Overdue Select Forms General Properties All of the forms will contain the following features: Background - Transparent Titles - font = Times New Roman; Size 18 Labels - font = MS Sans Serif; Size 8; Type plain Text Boxes - Style = sunken / raised; Backstyle = flat; sizes 3 or 4cm Buttons - Width = 2.3; Height = 0. ...read more.

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