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My mum runs a cleaning business which is based in Lytham, she has many customers and produces her bills on card by hand. This is very slow and due to her busy schedule a waste of valuable time.

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Page Number Topic 1 Front cover 2 Table of Contents 3 Identify 4 Analysis 5 Analysis continued... 6 Analysis continued... 7 Analysis - Data Flow Diagram 8 Analysis - Questionnaire 9 Design 10 Implementation 11 Evaluation My mum runs a cleaning business which is based in Lytham, she has many customers and produces her bills on card by hand. This is very slow and due to her busy schedule a waste of valuable time. Also hand writing bills can lead to mistakes which will affect her reputation. She wants to be able to produce her bills faster and at a more accurate level. She currently calculates the VAT by calculator which can lead to mistakes and sometimes she even forgets to add the VAT on at all. This is where I come in. I am going to devise a system that can do the bills for her customers on computer, this will be much faster than her current method and cheaper! To solve the problem I am going to use a spreadsheet package. I will go into which one at a later point but first I am going to address the advantages of using a computer. ...read more.


* Addresses * Telephone numbers * Job (full, half or spring clean) * Cost * Date * VAT * Total The data will be input into the fields by my end user although the fields such as VAT and Date will be automatically built into the system, the type of job will be on a drop down list to help make things easier. The costs of the jobs are shown below. 1. Full Clean - �75.00 2. Half Clean - �50.00 3. Spring Clean - �25.00 The processes I want in my system for my end user are the following things... * Rank, Count, auto sum, VLOOKUP, IF, use of macros, The user will enter the following into the system by hand... * Type of clean * Quantity * Customer name and information The system will automatically update the following... * VAT * Date * Total Cost The outputs I want my system to produce will be... * Bills - the bills need to be produced and duplicated by two, this will be built into the macro for print bills. Two will be produced, one for the customer and one for my mums records. ...read more.


My user feed back is shown below, as well as having an interview before the project started I had one after the system was finished. The results of which are shown below... Are you happy with the overall project, if not why? I am very happy with all parts except the colours are still slightly too jazzy and I wouldn't have minded if they were a little duller. Also, the macro buttons are very handy and easy to use although it would have helped if you could have made a macro button to print directly. Are there any other features you would have liked the system to have had? No, other than the macro button for printing the whole system created was excellent, thank you What are the positives from the system? Everything especially the pictures and style of text used. What would you mark the system out of ten? Probably an 8/10 because the print macro was missing and the colours were still too bright. Thank you for completing the questionnaire. Looking at my end users comments I think they are very helpful and I understand the users idea that a macro to print directly to the printer would have saved much time. If I were to do the project again I would definitely put this part into the project. 1 ...read more.

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