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My system my assessment.

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Now that my project is complete, its time I gave my system my assessment. As far as I know, I have performed really well. Although the logo should REALLY be changed, the rest of the system looks excellent. The forms I have designed really look professional and the system has reached beyond my expectations. In fact, the real joy of getting such results is that this is my first project dealing with databases since I was employed. Now I feel confident that I will be able to handle another database project or rather any project. In this system though, I have used minimum features of MS Access. If my work up till now has given me such good results, I really wonder what will happen if I am a know-all of MS Access! I have used basic features like code builder, validation rules, forms and the other mentioned objects. I think that I could improve the system once I gain even more knowledge of MS Access, such as programming in Visual Basic, using features like link manager etc. ...read more.


My appraisal of my project is not enough. I decided to have Mr. Fernandez evaluate my work since he was the person-in-charge. Since we had a long 'chat' I decided to cut short the interview and give only the really important facts: Q. So, sir, how has the new system improved the working of the company and its staff? A. It's great! I really can't believe that you actually boosted our demand to 200%! Now there are no complaints from staff members or customers about slow working, long hours, nothing! Also stock control has become as easy as ever. The secretary seems happiest with the introduction of the new system as now she's not troubled with writing so many letters. Q. Have you faced any problems yet? A. Yes, we have. First of all, we have to enter every detail of a product in our forms. I mean, there is no automatic process where once you enter the item code you get the rest of the details. ...read more.


A. If I get someone to do a better job on the logo I'll take him! Yes, I would employ you, since by now I have known you so well. The price offered was very low, much lesser than we expected. And the system is really fitting in. Most of the staff is happy now that they have less working hours so that they have time to spend at home. I guess I have shown basically the most important part of my interview. I too feel that the networking system should be added. I guess I will have to train myself in networking to handle that job. As I approach the end of this section, I would like to thank Mr. Fernandez for supporting me, helping me and guiding me in my work. Thanks to him, I am now ready to take up bigger projects. The final thing left to display is the Letter of Authorization that Mr. Fernandez gave me. Letter of Authorization This is to certify that Arun Sunny Dsouza of Alan's Solutions Providers has successfully implemented the new computerized system of Elektronix Inc. on the 21st of April 2003 Mr. Nathan Fernandez, Manager of Elektronix Inc. ...read more.

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