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Network Planning

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Network Plan The Project I have decided to do the Bargain Booze project. This seems the most logical of choices as there are many more options to explore. It is the project that has the biggest need for change. I also have the most information and knowledge about this business and can therefore make much better recommendations. I have personal experience of working within a few Bargain Booze shops around Stoke on Trent, I have also been a customer in other similar shops. I know the system well and all of its weaknesses and spent many hours thinking about how it could be improved. I still have access to the shops and the systems used as well as having friends that still work there. There are three main layouts in the shop and these are shown on the next page. These are extremely important to look at in relation to the proposed topologies for the network. Resources Each site has similar needs because of the basic Bargain Booze layout of having a few tills at each site. As shown on the next page, the three main layouts used in Stoke on Trent use either one or two computers. The computers that run the till software need to be fairly new to be capable of handling the associated hardware - 2GB RAM and a 100GB hard drive would be consider minimum to hold the necessary information from sales. ...read more.


The main problem with this topology is that is relies on a single cable which is restricted to a certain cable length (depending on the type of cable used) and this will also restrict the number of computers that can be connected. Also, in the event of this cable becoming damaged, the entire network will go down and to fix this cable can be costly and time consuming. This is a potential option. Having a Bus network at each site would be relatively simple and as each site is unlikely to expand within the shops in the future; this would not be a limitation. Each of the sites will then be connected together. Star The Star Topology is based around a single device (such as a hub, switch or router) and all the computers on the network connecting to it through UTP cables. This means that all devices have their own separate connection to the network. If a single cable has a problem, then only that computer will become disconnected from the network. As this topology commonly uses UTP cabling, it is restricted to a maximum cable length of 100 metres. This topology is most suited for much larger networks and is frequently found in larger companies. It can also handle many more connections and this makes is very easy to expand. Instead of the wires being the weak part of the network, in a star network it is the hub that causes problems if it goes down. ...read more.


Increased bandwidth tasks such as video conferencing would push Bargain Booze towards this, but as it is a simple business a standard wired network is possibly. Fibre Optic cabling is the next step towards higher speed networks. Even though Bargain Booze is not using high bandwidth technologies, they must still be compatible if/when the entire country switches over to fibre. The system should also be designed so that Bargain booze may switch to cabling in the future if they need to. The cost of equipment is constantly changing as newer equipment appears to replace it. Each time a new generation of kit comes out; it pushes the costs of older kit down. This means that being a generation behind is usually cheaper. Because the world of computing is constantly changing and improving; even second generation kit is almost always more than capable of carrying out required tasks. The only time newer kit is required is in extremely demanding situations. A new standard for wireless is about to be released and this is called 802.11n. It is hoped that this is the technology that will push wired users towards wireless connectivity as both speed and range are vastly improved over the existing system. It is hoped that 802.11n will double the speed of wireless and so far, testing is saying that this is true. Making wireless faster and more secure could make it a substitute for situations such as Bargain Booze's network where at the moment, wireless just isn't justifiable. Identify and calculate the cost of all the resources required. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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