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Nintendo Gamecube Research

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To: Mr Snyders From: Sonny Khaira, Ishmael Beerahee & Danny Basra Date: 30/09/02 Subject: Nintendo Gamecube Research We have been asked to choose a Product/Service and do research on it. We will be using such things as Questionnaires, Internet Research and magazines to help us. Our Product is the Nintendo Gamecube. It is a games console. It is currently one of the biggest and best in the world. It is made by one of the best games console manufacturers in the world Nintendo(c). We chose this Product as it is sold in a lot of shops in Letchworth therefore the questionnaire would be giving us accurate results. We also chose this, as it is popular in Letchworth so it would be easier for the customers who we are asking. We are attempting and will hopefully succeed in finding the following things: - - Does it sell a lot in shops? ...read more.


The Nintendo GameCube disc, just over three inches in diameter, provides 1.5 GB of memory--that's nearly three times the capacity of a traditional CD-ROM. The Controller Playing games is the most fun when you don't have to think about your controller. With this in mind, the Nintendo GameCube controller has been designed for effortless control, combining comfort and time-tested features with the latest innovations to take advantage of the incredible promise of the Nintendo GameCube system. The GameCube controllers are priced at $34.99 and come in four different colours purple,black,orange, and clear/purple. Nintendo is known for innovation when it comes to controllers, and for a good reason. Beyond the classic Control Pad and Control Stick, the Nintendo GameCube controller features a built-in rumble feature, dual-function analog L and R buttons, and a new analog stick designed for camera control. ...read more.


The main reason that the Nintendo Gamecube has been a success is most likely have something to do with its producer Nintendo but it's not all down to this as it is an amazing console. If you look back at the Introduction you will see that we have some questions that we were hoping to find the answers for. We have found out the following form our research: - - It does sell well in all shops and still is now - Both sex buy it but the male gender is the one who has bought the most - The younger the age group the more the interest is in the Gamecube but not all the way as 0-3 year olds wouldn't. - The gamecube sells well with accessories and games and also the games sell well without it. We would recommend the Nintendo Gamecube to anyone who is interested in buying the console due to its huge list of Games and accessories also its powerful engine and graphics card. ...read more.

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