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Open Source Software and its benefits for a country like Nepal.

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Open Software: Lottery for Nepalese ?Arzun Bastola Class:10 I was on a seminar few months back when I used Open Software for the first time. I had heard about the Open Software before though I hadn't used. This day really was a good day for me. Had I not attended the seminar, I would just go on using the pirated Operating System. When I first knew that Linux was one of the most powerful operating system, which came complete free and an Open Source then few of my friends decided to do everything in Open Software which could be photos designing to website development. It was tough in beginning as there were no place where we could actually learn Linux. We were guided by Sagar Chhetri and Hempal Shrestha, who are working as FOSS experts in Nepal. With their help we were able to use the Linux in an important way. That is how I got involved into it. ...read more.


You can even lose your all data you of your computer as I did. Later, after the data are destroyed, the only thing you can do is just you sit beside the computer and chew out Microsoft. But you don't get this problem with an Open OS. Your computer is always safe from threats of viruses until Linux or any Open OS is there in your device. Lastly, the best thing of this is you can modify and use Open software as you will. The source code is in front of you and you can study it, modify it and even redistribute the modified one. I have come to many people we have wrong conception about Linux that it's hard to learn and use it in a daily basis like Windows. Initially, Linux was difficult, it didn't have any Graphical User Interface, but now Linux is so developed that in the Western countries, people have started using Linux as their daily use, just like Windows. ...read more.


So that Nepal got the actual benefits of NepaLinux and similar other attempts of localization, what is lacking is the general awareness in the people about FOSS. Unfortunately, ideas and concepts on FOSS have remained confined to few individuals and limited organizations working on the Open Source Program Initiatives of few organizations like the Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya in promoting localized FOSS applications and the usage of FOSS is short of wider collaboration and support from other organizations. However, positive developments are going on recently in this direction. Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya has been running a bi-weekly talk program "Linux Ka Kura" since the 14th of May 2006. The talk program has been focusing on sharing ideas on FOSS, Open Source and Linux. The postings on the talk program are available at http://nepalinux.org/content/view/21/41/. With all these good sides of Linux I guess any non-Linux users will think once that they should learn and know Linux better. I would be better if the curriculum of computer is designed to encourage the use of Open Software in Nepal. ...read more.

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