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Operating systems assignment 1

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Contents page Task 1 - P1, M2 Task 2 - P2, M1 Task 3 - P3, P4, P5, P6 Task 4 - M3, M4 Task 5 - D1 Task 6 - D2 Task 1 There are many possibilities when upgrading or installing software. We buy computers to help us with various tasks such as office work, school work or just for entertainment like games, music and films. All of the activities require different software pieces or packages to be installed on a computer so that it can perform the tasks desired. The applications we install are our choice and we install them according to our needs. For example installing an operating system allows users to do work on their computers. Without it nothing could be done on a computer. Within an operating system there are software packages which are bundled or come from an outside source. These can be of many types for example utility software packages are there to improve the efficiency of the operating system and secure it from threats. There are office environment software packages which allow user to perform tasks needed in office. ...read more.


The advantages are the target of a user. They could vary from improving the computer's performance like speed and quality to giving a set of new abilities to a computer system. Useful programs make using a computer much easier and pleasant for the user. There are various tasks that can be done on a computer and a good software package could enhance performing them. There is plenty of software to choose from and only the right applications will help. There are many disadvantages when upgrading or installing software. Disadvantage of installing a software package is of course taking up more and more hard disk space and slowing the computer a little bit by writing more entries into the registry. There are also performance issues when installing an upgrade such as using more processor and RAM. A disadvantage could be compatibility with older versions of another piece of software already installed on the computer. Task 3 Here is a plan of upgrading a software piece on a computer: First a user needs to find what they want to upgrade and if it is necessary. ...read more.


These applications are fully compatible with my computer and the requirements are exceeded. The reason for installing it is that it is fast to install, easy to use and useful, does not decrease the performance of my computer and overall it is essential in what I do. There are plenty applications to choose from and I chose the one that is right for me and my computer. Task 6 The risk that could occur during an upgrade can be minimized to prevent any damage to the computer system. For example if the files are corrupted there is an option of reversing the process of installation in control panel. If the software package user is installing is not compatible with the system and the installation causes software failure then there is an option to recover the operating system. If the upgrade does cause some bad effects on computer system then there is an option of downgrading it to the lower version which works properly and does not cause any problems. There are many other risks and they can all be prevented with a professional knowledge of software and/or an antivirus which will most likely detect the corrupted or broken files ...read more.

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