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Organisational system security - The possible security issues which exist within the FilmPoster.com system

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The possible security issues which exist within the FilmPoster.com system M1 DoS attack: a DoS attack is an attack a person that hacks a computer in an attempt to make computers resources unavailable to its intended users. Though DoS attacks motivation may be carried out for different reasons. Film posters have a web site used to sell movie posters to collectors and a DoS attack will be used by the attacker to prevent the film posters site from functioning efficiently, temporarily or indefinitely. Since film posters hold details of their customers, who have registered with the website, with websites that hold such information people that use DoS attacks target such sites or services hosted on web servers. The attack can be used to saturate the targets machine, such that it cannot respond to legitimate traffic, consume its resources so that it can no longer provide its intended service. They are so many different ways of using DoS attacks they basic types of attacks are, disruptions of physical network components, obstructing the communication media between the user and the film poster from communicating adequately. They can also use Permanent Denial of Service Attacks: a denial service attack attacks and damages a system so badly that it will require replacing or reinstalling the hardware. ...read more.


When executed they attempt to remain unnoticed by the user, they also attempt to hide any evidence of their being accessed remotely over the network. Explain the way that data transmitted over a network can be protected by encryption. M3 Encryption: encryption is the process of changing data using algorithm to protect, make unreadable to anyone during its transit until it gets to the receiver. By using encryption, files can be protected should the security measures fail during transit. Encryption is used to protect data in transit transferred via networks. You can also use other techniques to help preserve and protect data integrity and authenticity, by using messages authentication code MAC or digital signature. Message authentication code uses a secret key input, arbitrary length message that is authenticated and output MAC tag that protects both data's integrity and by also allowing verifiers to detect any changes to the message or data sent. Digital signed messages encryption protects messages, by sharing digital ID the sender and the receiver can protect their email communication during transit, the sender would encrypt the message and by input the digital ID the receiver is able to decrypt the message into plaintext or readable file. ...read more.


PGP pretty good privacy: PGP is a program that provides services such as cryptographic and authentication PGP is used for encrypting and decrypting data, increasing communication security. PGP use hashing, data compression, public key and symmetric key cryptography. PGP supports message authentication and integrity, by creating a digital signature for the message using RSA or DSA algorithms and hashing using the sender's private key to create a digital signature. Intruder detection systems: intruder detection system detects any unauthorised, manipulation of data. The system detects unauthorised access to information. By monitoring traffic for any malicious behaviour or changes to any data or system, they are similar to firewalls though they notice attacks from inside the network. Detection systems write a log and notify the user of any problems. OpenSSH is a tool used to encrypt all traffic that is transmitted on the internet to eliminate eaves drops and other attacks. OpenSSH authenticate users, using SSH protocol with a password public key authentication using per users keys which is a secure for rlogins host. RSA data security encrypts data by using a generated key that unique for each session, the network traffic, the use of encryption module by the client and the server protects data during transit. Data Encryption Standard DES uses symmetric key cryptography which protects network communication and DES encrypts data using the DES algorithm. ...read more.

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Response to the question

In summary, there are some detailed understanding of security issues that FilmPoster could suffer from. However the student, I believe doesn't understand some aspects of this and there should undertake more background research to fill in the missing/in-complete sections. The ...

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Response to the question

In summary, there are some detailed understanding of security issues that FilmPoster could suffer from. However the student, I believe doesn't understand some aspects of this and there should undertake more background research to fill in the missing/in-complete sections. The DoS section is quite focused on how an attacker is able to make a website appear offline. In order to achieve high marks, the report could explain the effects of a number of consumers in more detail. For example the report could state 'If the website was suffering from a DoS attack, consumers may be placed at an disadvantage due to the inability to access the website. This could result in inconvenience for the consumer'. This would allow the report is to balanced, which shows an in-depth understanding of the different points of view. The report mentions how 'Phishing' is an attack on the website, this is in-correct. Phishing attacks are directly aimed at those consumer's of the website, via e-mails. As a e-mail may contain a link to a website which will look and operate similar with the actual website of FilmPoster. The difference is that the website will have a different URL. These websites are used, in order to acquire consumer's usernames and passwords then there login to the fake website.

Level of analysis

The report clearly describes what encryption is, and this is quite detailed. This is due t that the report states what is meant by the term, and explained how websites may undertake this process to prevent unauthorised access. However all the below sections are lacking detail. I believe that these were written in quite a rush, as these are not in-depth and do not explain each of the security measures.

Quality of writing

The report states the term 'DoS', however the report doesn't break down this term. The report should include something on the lines of 'DoS stands for 'Denial Of Service''. On the flip side, the report has explained this term. The report is aimed at FilmPoster.com, however the report hasn't included a screenshot to allow readers to visualize what the student is writing. This could be added, to enable the reader to visualize the report.

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Reviewed by danielbeal 23/02/2012

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