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Plan an installation and an upgrade - Requirements in preparing for a software installation and upgrade

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Unit 23 Software Installation Assignment 2 - Installation & Upgrade Training Manual P3 - Plan an installation and an upgrade Identify User's Needs First you need to know what the user wants. You need to know this to satisfy the user. The user should be able to tell you what he/she wants to happen to the software if he wants and update, upgrade or install new software. Identify if new install update or upgrade is required. The user may not know much about updating and upgrading the fore you need to see if the update or upgrade is required other ways you would be just wasting your time and the update or upgrade you did may be useless. Collect materials and information for update/upgrade Before you do the update, upgrade or install new software you need to get some information about it. You need to check if the computer system had the correct requirements for the new software ore upgrade/update. You also need to get all the materials that are needed for the installation or update/upgrade. You will need the software on a CD or download from the internet. ...read more.


Perform install or software update/upgrade When you done all the preparation for installing new software or updating/upgrading you are ready to install or update/upgrade what the user requested. Test and complete installation Before you handover to the user you need to make sure that the software work properly by testing it this will makes sure that every thing is ok and the user will be satisfied. You can test the software by simply starting the software application then you would want to create a basic file and save it. Then close the application and open the saved file. Handover to user provide support as required When you finish with the testing and everything work ok you can handover it to the user. You have to make sure that the user is able to use the software and show him how it works. Incase the are number of users you might have to provide training. M2 Requirements in preparing for a software installation and upgrade Every software has its requirements. That's why when you want to install new software you need to make sure that the requirements are suitable for your computer. ...read more.


* DirectX 9 video card that supports Pixel Shadier v2.0 and comes with a special Windows Vista (WDDM) device driver * At least 128 MB of video memory, 256 MB recommended * 40 GB or greater hard disk * At least 15 GB of hard disk space available * DVD-ROM drive P6-Product registration procedures When you install new software you may have to register it. Most product registration can be carried out online, but sometimes this may not be a possible because of internet connection restrictions or lack of an internet connection. Some manufactures will allow you to post a registration card for you to fill out. Another method of registering software is by telephone were you tell all the information to the manufacture by the phone.. Some manufactures will want you to provide proof that you actually purchased the software, this can be done by quoting a serial number, which is made of number of letters numbers and sometimes symbols. Some software will unlock features which were unavailable before the registration took place - such as automatic updates. Some software manufactures may also offer limited technical help or no technical help, if you do not register your software. ?? ?? ?? ?? Camille Metkowski-20631 Page 1 ...read more.

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