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Purposes and Features of a Relational Database

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3 Contents Introduction- What and Why - 3 Purposes - 4 * Manage details and data * Allow easy access and addition * Increase company operations rate * Discover Data Discrepancy Features- * Tables, Records & Fields o Relationships o Normalisation o Field Properties o Key Fields o Relationship Properties o Errors * Queries * Forms * Reports * Macros Conclusion Introduction - What and Why? What? Data is stored in an organised manor in a Database. This is useful for finding data by searching exact terms. "A database is a structured collection of records or data that is stored in a computer system. The structure is achieved by organizing the data according to a database model. The model in most common use today is the relational model. Other models such as the hierarchical model and the network model use a more explicit representation of relationships". The Relational model is subject in question. Good modern examples of relational databases are MSA, Oracle and MySQL Databases. The most commonly used in large business situations are Oracle and MSA, websites such as eBay tend to use MySQL, however in most small business and personal situations Microsoft Office Access will be used. ...read more.


It is a powerful and valid function within a database and is often a useful step towards Normalisation. Sometimes a database can be connected in a different way- Normally it will be a one to one relationship (linking two fields from two different tables together), however sometimes a one-to-many relationship is required- for example if a store has many customers- a one to many relationship will be required so that each store will have every required detail about the customer linked to it. Also Many-to-Many Database Relationships exist, for example if many customers have a Merlin Pass; they will go to many parks, and in this case many to many relationships could be needed however they can mostly be overcome by creating another table that can hold bridge the gap so that only one to many relationships have to be used. Especially seeing as how some databases do not allow many-to-many, or cannot support them very well. Normalisation This process has four goals 1. Arrange the data into easy to access and logical groups 2. Minimising the amount of duplicated data 3. Creating a database in which you can easily and quickly change and access the data- without compromising structural integrity 4. ...read more.


A Query is simply based on a series of values that grab the required data from any table into a new and condensed as required table. Very often new queries need to be made to get data in new ways, however this can also be achieved through revision of older ones. Reports A report is simply a way of displaying specific data, most of the time from queries, and presenting it with custom text and pictures. For information on selecting the data for a report - see Queries. These can be printed off or sent in email, for easy reading. These are intended for presentation and display mostly. Macros Macros perform mundane and often forgotten functions quickly and simply without using too many resources, be they human or computer. They are a simple set of instructions the computer must follow in order to perform tasks that have to be done repeatedly, for example, deleting redundant records and keeping the database clean. Databases are large and complex, both in theory and in implementation. I hope this report has helped you to understand the purpose and features of a database. Nick Hutchins - P1 - M1 - M4 ?? ?? ?? ?? Advanced Databases 1 Nick Hutchins ...read more.

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