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Recently a small "Young Enterprise" group has set up a Sweet Stand, which sells a variety of sweets and soft drinks. The staff working at this Sweet Stand are Dave Currall (The Manager), Natalia Gelder (Assistant Manager).

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THE SWEET STAND Analysis The Problem Recently a small "Young Enterprise" group has set up a Sweet Stand, which sells a variety of sweets and soft drinks. The staff working at this Sweet Stand are Dave Currall (The Manager), Natalia Gelder (Assistant Manager). At the moment, the records which hold the information, are all paper based. This problem requires for Dave Currall to keep records in order, and also wastes time in writing the information down for the records. A stock check takes a lot of time to do although Nature of the problem User's requirements 1. Stock checking forms. 2. Stock not re-ordered. 3. Wrong Minimum re-order quantities. 4. Don't know who supplies which item. 5. Takes time and is difficult to prepare orders. 1. Form to use for stock checking. 2. Automatically identify when stock is low. 3. Items have a re-order quantity. 4. Each item has its known supplier. 5. System creates printed orders. Details of the problem Details of the user's requirements 1. Stock checking form - its paper based. This means that too much time is taken filling in the stock check form. Paper can be easily lost; also after a period of time it begins to look all messed up. Repeating the tasks again and again wastes time. ...read more.


in Stock of each item. Also it will be able to identify which item has come from which supplier. Also, these orders will be prepared when an item needs to be reordered. Inputs, Processing and Outputs required Inputs Processing Outputs * Stock items * No. in Stock of stock * Supplier details * Re-order level * Formulae * * Stock check form * Order form * Stock listing report Detail of inputs, processing and outputs Name of input Detail of input Stock items The items of stock that need to be ordered need to be input into the system No. in Stock of stock The number of items in stock will need to be an input into the system Suppliers details The information on the supplier will need to be input. This information is the address, name, and contact numbers. Re-order level The re-order level will need to be input for each item of stock. This is so that the calculation can alert the user that the item needs to be re-ordered. Name of Processing Detail of processing Formulae IF('RE-ORDER'<='STOCKLEVEL',"Y","N") Name of Output Detail of Output Stock check form This is for the staff so that the staff can go around the sweet stand and count the number of items available to buy. ...read more.


Alternative to the basic Landscape view on paper to give a certain stock more given space. My choice is: Alternative to the basic Reasons for my choice: Its view easier to understand and less confusing. 4. Software and Hardware requirements Preferred Software and Hardware Hardware Software * Processor - 900MHz Intel compatible * Memory - 32Mb * Hard disk drive - 1Gb * CD-ROM - fitted. * Floppy disk drive - fitted * Printer - Mono laser * ClarisWorks V.5 database application - It stores and processes the data for the Sweet Stand. An alternative to the database application would be Ms Access. * Ms Windows 98 operating system - This controls the systems hardware. There is no alternative for this. Hardware alternative Software alternative * Processor - 1000MHz Intel compatible, this will allow the programs to run faster. * Memory - 128Mb RAM, this allows large or many files to run faster. * Hard Drive - 60Gb * CD-ROM - CD-RW fitted, this allows you to backup your data on compact disk * Floppy disk drive - no alternative * Printer - Colour ink jet, more expensive, output is slower * Ms Access Implementation 1. Database Title The Sweet Stand Database Filename Sweet Stand.cwk Database File Storage Location H:\SweetStand.cwk Database File Backup Details SweetStand.bak 2. Application Program Name ClarisWorks V5.0 Application Program Opened From Start/Programs/Pupil Programs/ClarisWorks 5.0 3. Data Capture Form Used Data Entry Form Data Capture Form Storage GCSE I.T. Major Project Daniel Barker 34551 Page ...read more.

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