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Recommend a computer system for a person who doesn’t or has disabilities with their hands.

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Computer Hardware I have been asked to recommend a computer system for a person who doesn't or has disabilities with their hands. Input Devices: Keyboard - Is suitable for people who can read, write and spell. It is not very useful for people who are dyslexic. You should also be able to type easily. It could also help blind people by Braille. Mouse - Is good because it allows you to point and click on icons. It is not very suitable for people with disabilities e.g. blind. Left-handed people will also find it more difficult then right handed people. ...read more.


Can be very useful for blind, dyslexic or people with disabilities. Disadvantage is that it could make mistakes. Output Devices: Printer - Print out documents from the computers memory. There are different types of printers, laser printers give very high quality prints. Bubble jet printers are very good with colours, but a big problem is that the ink on the documents run when wet. Monitor - It displays files from the computers memory. There are different types of monitor, CRT monitors which work like a TV or a flat screen as in a laptop computer. ...read more.


Flash cards - Store data on silicon chips on the card. CDRom - Store 650Mb of data. Move files from one computer to another. If you have a CD writer you can write data to a CD. BITS and BYTES - A BIT stands for Binary DigIT. A bit is either on or off. A single wire inside the computer carries 1 bit. A byte is a collection of 8 bits. System Bus - A collection of wires inside the computer that join all the devices together. Motherboard - This is a special electronic board on to which all the devices are attached so that they can connect to the system bus ...read more.

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