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Report: Computing project using Microsoft Access

Extracts from this document...


Richard Clark Computing AS Project Documentation Introduction One of the administrative tasks in a hospital is to keep a record of loans to patients of equipment such as wheelchairs and crutches. The patients borrowing the equipment may still be in hospital or they may have been discharged. Records have to be kept of what equipment has been borrowed, by whom and when, and also if any equipment is not available because it is being repaired. You have been asked to create a computer application to replace the present manual one to record the necessary details to enable greater control to be kept and so cut down on loss and wastage. Design For this project, I am going to use Microsoft Access. The table below shows my design tasks list for the hospital patient and equipment database. Task Number Object Task Description 1 Patient Table Design the Patient table and the properties of its attributes 2 Equipment Table Design the Equipment table and the properties of its attributes 3 Equipment Status Table Design the Equpstat table for the Equipment Form Drop-down box 4 Patient Titles Table Design the Titles table for the Patient ...read more.


Again, I found two main ways of doing this: An auto number system, or a system which would allow a user to determine what the equipment is just by looking at the code. I felt that the second way would be a better way of doing this, so I devised a system that fulfils this requirement (shown below). Item Codes Code Explanation WC Wheelchair CR Crutch EC Elbow Crutch NC Neck Collar -J Junior Size -S Small Size -M Medium Size -L Large Size -A Adult Size To get the individual items code, you simply add a number onto the end of the code. E.g. Junior Wheelchair number 1 would be WC-J1.Using this system, new pieces of equipment can be added with ease, whereas with an auto number system, it would mess up the order of the numbers. Equipment Booking Form Design Security This database holds confidential information about patients, and should therefore be kept secure from illegitimate access, both physically and electronically. As stated in the data protection act, it would be the hospitals responsibility to keep the data secure. ...read more.


Table Equipment Status Table Patient Titles Table Entity Relationship Diagram Equipment Report Customer Letter Report Equipment Form Patient Form Main Menu Form Main Menu (Vb Code) For the main menu, I decided to incorporate a clock, as it provides a purpose (to tell the time), and also looks good on the form. Equipment Form (Vb Code) For the equipment booking form, I used two visual basic sub forms; the first sets the return date and the out date when the "loan out" button is pressed, and the second sets the return date and the out date to zero when the combo box which controls the status of the item is changed. I used this last bit of code because it saves the user having to delete the date manually when the equipment is returned from loan, but it has the downside of having to set the status before pressing the "loan out" button, otherwise it undoes this action. Autoexec Macro To add a professional finish to my database, I made a macro that opened the main menu form automatically on open. This requires no Vb coding, just a macro called Autoexec. 2 2 ...read more.

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