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Report Outlining each stage of the project development. Creation of a Web Presentation for the college.

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Solutions and Requirements of project Solutions The best solutions for the problems the college is facing is as follows: Creation of a Web Presentation: This will involve a brief presentation about the college showing the facilities, the area and people, transportation, courses, Fees, Support, News and Event, Student Union and Links to other institution for higher education. The presentation will be made in a slide view mode and would be accessed on the web using the address or the domain name used. Images the existing tutors and student will be put in the slide to make it attractive and the logo will be placed on every slide background. Open days times will be shown on the presentation and any job vacancy will be advertise on the web presentation. This is will be a solution to the problems facing the college but would need a lot of updating and work. ...read more.


Web server I would need a server to be able to upload the website which is JANET(JOINT ACADEMIC NETWORK) because it is specifically designed for colleges and is very reliable. The main reason why I chose Janet because it provides the following resources shown below: * Has Windows Server 2003 and Linus Hosting * Has a web space to upload the website content using FTP and Microsoft FrontPage * Has 5GB storage space per hosted domain with an option to purchase additional web space if required * Has a daily backups of user data and a simple process for recovering backup data * Provides technical reports on the hosted domain Web space, back up ,security, FTP accessibility, fast connection , scripting and technical support services are all included in the features of the JANET. ii. Dream weaver Dream weaver is the market leader and automates or semi-automates almost every command, action and behaviour most web designer would want to use. ...read more.


via the software but most programs do not allow this so a separate ftp program is generally needed. Therefore I chose to use dream weaver because web authoring can be done by any text based program but specialist software programs have been developed to dispense with the extremely tedious method of writing html code. iii. Copyright & Security Issues Copyright and security issues should be observed so that the college wouldn't suffer from any complaints. All images should be authorised by the college board to avoid these issues. iv. System Framework The initial site is designed according to the way the pages will be linked and the pages which will be available. Site is another name for the system framework. v. Constraints I would need a n FTP address in order to upload the site which is sometime difficult to get hold off due to security reasons. The budget for the budget is �10000 and should be up and running by summer. Kevin Owusu-Antwi IVA Unit 9 3 A-1 Project Management Assignment : 1 ...read more.

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