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Report to the management of Prices snacks reviewing working practices and identify any areas that could be improved or developed with the use of IT in order to maximise the efficiency of the company.

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Prices snacks Matt Densham Monday 11th November 2001 Report to the management of Prices snacks reviewing working practices and identify any areas that could be improved or developed with the use of IT in order to maximise the efficiency of the company. Input, output, and processing devices used in the modern food manufacturing industry. Before IT was introduced to the workplace After IT was introduced to the workplace Difference Letters to employers were either hand written or done on a type - writer. Word processing devices for writing letters to employers including mail merge Time writing letters would be reduced due to templates and mail merges. Pack design was designed on drawing boards Pack design now drawn up on multimedia graphic programs Designs would take less time to draw and changes could be made to designs more easily. Staff records were kept in large filling cabinets and were awkward to use. Staff records now kept on a database, on a computer. The data stored can be accessed much quicker and you can do searches about all employees Company finances were sorted by expensive accountant. Company finances can now be kept a record of on computers Cheaper then hiring an accountant and also means you can predict future losses/profits etc. Temperature control of oven was done manually and took a while to change the temperature accordingly Computers manage all ovens' controls without any help from people. ...read more.


The hours worked by each employee is input to disk in preparation of running the payroll program. At the front of the data, in a batch header record, several extra pieces of information can be included. These enable the computer program to check the data being entered and report any errors. These checks help ensure that the program processes the payroll accurately and that none of your employees are left out or are paid incorrectly. Security of data stored Security of data is very important. The computer can make sure that the data is secure by saving the data onto a floppy disk or a compact disk. This means that if the computer is damaged in any way then the data hasn't been lost. Big companies download all of their information onto disk and then take them to a secure location. For example in the world trade centre they didn't lose any data because it had been saved outside the building. Data on a computer can be destroyed in the following ways: * The breakdown of hardware * Poor office practice e.g. not backing up files * Hackers gaining access to the system * Computer fraud. Where data is changed to benefit individuals * The theft of equipment * The physical damage to computer harware Data Protection Act The data protection act was passed in 1984. The act was passed so people could be sure that their personal details, such as sex, age and medical details would be kept confidentially. ...read more.


9 Security of data/information. (How can we ensure data held on computers cannot be lost or destroyed? Include reference to hacking, passwords, back-ups etc). 10 What laws are there related to computers? (Data Protection Act, Computer Misuse Act (1990), The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act (1989) 11 As a 'recap', state what you understand to be the problem that Price's Snacks plc is currently experiencing. 12 Give details of three things Price's Snacks plc could be making better use of to make them more efficient and more productive, thus eliminating the problem you have identified. 13 Evaluate the three solutions discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each. 14 Select the most appropriate and recommend this to Price's Snacks plc in the form of a conclusion. 1. Input, output, and processing devices used in the modern food manufacturing industry. 2. Identify how data and information is collected, stored, processed and communicated within such a company. 3. Identify new technological advances in the use of IT and Information Systems (IS), including it's effect on working practices. Explain how more recent technology has affected industrial practices, particularly social and economic issues. 4. Research and demonstrate what you understand about the importance of validity, accuracy, and security of data when using IT. 5. From the information in the introductory text above, identify and explain your understanding of the business problem that Price's Snacks is experiencing. 6. Recommend three different suitable 'IT based' courses of action to rectify the problem. Evaluate each, and select the most appropriate of these, giving reasons for your choice. ...read more.

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