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Robot Prototype design principles.

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Executive Summary Introduction The Robot Prototype is designed to test the user knowledge in term of understanding the task requirements to be performed. It tests the user in terms of the reaction, which may conclude if the user found enough information in the interface to deal with requirement. Three Prototypes are generated to test the user performance. The first Prototype (Prototype 1) is a command line prototype which is, an interface showing the user the relative position of the cave walls (up, down, left or right) and requiring the user to take action to move the Robot to avoid colliding with it. The second Prototype (Prototype 2) interface shows the user the relative position of the Robot and gives instructions how to avoid the cave walls. The third Prototype (Prototype 3) is a graphical interface, which shows the user picture of the relative position of the Robot and the cave wall and gives instructions on how to act on it. Design Principles and Rules Design principles are high level of recommendations based on well knowledge about human behaviour. Some of these principles are that 'know the user population'; which can be difficult to achieve, especially when a diverse population of users has to be accommodated or when the user population can only be anticipated in general term. Knowing the user include being sympathetic to different user needs by, providing program shortcut and promoting the 'personal worth' of individual by allowing user to perform tasks in more than one way. ...read more.


Keyboard is the main data entry device which will be used in the Robot Prototype. A keyboard is good for fast data entry and extensive data entry. It does have some limited pointing capabilities e.g. cursor keys, but the cost of a keyboard is cheap. Other input devices in comparison to the keyboard, do not function appropriately for this prototype program, such as a mouse, touch screen and a joystick. A mouse is a pointing device, which carries out some simple actions it is good for the intuitive point of device, which fits comfortably with human capacity. Despite it being cheap, it is not suitable for our program as data is required for input. Touch screen allows the user to input information into the computer simply by touching an appropriate part of the screen but due to resource constraints this will not be used. A Joystick operates in two dimensions and is often used for task where a direction and speed is to be indicated, rather than a location so again, it will not be correct input device at this occasion. Users will be given the actual specification of the Prototype and will also be explained how to play any one of the three Prototypes through instructions about the Prototype and the required keys to use. This will guide the users to play the Prototype successfully. Users will have the option to choose which Prototype they would like to play. The description of each Prototype will be provided from where the user can decide which Prototype they want to play. ...read more.


Average Time Taken (mins) Total Score (%) User 1 14 118.56 3.95 53.3 User 2 5 98.25 3.27 83.3 User 3 4 114.73 3.82 86.6 User 4 6 103.95 3.49 80.0 After training - Prototype 1 Collided with cave walls Total Time Taken (sec) Average Time Taken (mins) Total Score (%) User 1 12 98.52 3.15 60.00 User 2 0 88.25 2.94 100.00 User 3 0 70.95 2.36 100.00 User 4 2 75.14 2.50 93.33 After training - Prototype 2 Collided with cave walls Total Time Taken (sec) Average Time Taken (mins) Total Score (%) User 1 0 47.37 1.58 100.00 User 2 0 46.74 1.56 100.00 User 3 0 61.55 2.05 100.00 User 4 0 46.52 1.55 100.00 After training - Prototype 3 Collided with cave walls Total Time Taken (sec) Average Time Taken (mins) Total Score (%) User 1 0 67.38 2.25 100.00 User 2 1 60.37 2.01 96.67 User 3 0 74.36 2.48 100.00 User 4 0 56.95 1.90 100.00 Refinement of the Prototype This part is concerned about the refinement of the prototype to ensure that the users perceive the interface well and operate effectively with it. According to the feedback from the users it was suggested to improving the graphical representation of the Robot, which will make the graphical prototype more enjoyable. Introducing another graphical style to make the Robot something of reality can refine this. In Prototype 3, the instructions were not as clear as in Prototype 2. Therefore I changed the instructions accordingly. I spaced them out so they were easily readable. One of my user stated that it was difficult to read the instructions. ...read more.

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