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Shockwave Music ltd Information Technology Investigation

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GCSE Coursework Report Choice of problem Shockwave Music ltd. Is a Music shop in the south of London. It started off as a Family run shop in 1980, and has since expanded to a 2-storey premise with a total of 20 people employed as salespeople. It has the records of its employees stored in 3 separate filing cabinets; one for employee information, one for payroll information, and one for records of sales. However, retrieving these records takes a lot of time and energy, as each sale has to be logged on to the individual employee's sales history. . As most of its purchases involve large amounts of money, the sales person has each major sale they make put on their sales history, in order to increase sales. The managers have set up a bonus scheme for its employees, where sales targets are set, and bonuses are awarded to those employees with the most sales. I have decided to choose this problem because I wish to highlight the amount of time in the workplace that can be saved with the use of I.T. I would also like to develop my experience of spreadsheets and databases. Description of problem There isn't really a problem with the old system; it's just that it would save a lot of time and pay, so it would make the firm more efficient. ...read more.


Specification The program developed to solve the problem should be widely compatible with most widely available platforms, so that the records can be viewed on other computers, in case the shop computer is inaccessible. The new system should also be easy to use and straightforward to operate. This will mean that the shop assistants can use the system quickly and easily, and so reduce operating time and shop stress. So, I think a windows '98 system (stable, and needs a modest spec to run) with access XP or 2000, whichever is cheaper. After a sale is made, the quantity of each product available is reduced by the appropriate amount, and the product number is added to the employee data. This way we can easily find who sold what, and how many sales each employee has made. The solution program must be: 1. Easy and intuitive to use 2. Able to operate on a low spec - The firm may want to keep the spending on hardware to a minimum. 3. Able to search for records, for quick access to data. 4. Protected by a password + anti-virus software, under the data protection act. 5. Easy to backup: i. Must support floppy disk backups ii. Must be a standard format (e.g. must be able to be read on most machines, etc.) Design Name of value Data Type Employee I.D Autonumber (primary key) ...read more.


This wont cost much, and is expandable, so adding more computers isn't a problem. What might be a problem is the initial start-up period, where the staff will adjust to the new system, and the initial cash outlay may disrupt the normal processes of the shop. Software resources required For this sort of application, we really have no choice but to use a database/ spreadsheet program. As for an operating system, it seems windows has a much larger user base than Linux or Macs, so we will get technical support more easily. Since we are looking for ease of use and flexibility Implementation To create the system we are after, we will need to create relationships between the data, and use these to cross-refer our data. But first, we need our data. We already have the stock amounts and names, so we put these in a table first. This gives us the main data, which will move around the most in the database. Now, we put all the employee's details on a similar table. This allows a lot of information to be shown clearly, as well as providing an easy to use primary key, in the form of the employee key. There is also an automatic validation check that the primary key must contain a valid number, or it gives the user an error message: This stops incorrect data from being put into the database, which might cause problems with cross-referencing later on. ?? ?? ?? ?? Thomas O'Neill 10BR ...read more.

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