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Statistics - How good are people's memory considering different factors?

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Statistics Coursework MEMORY How good are People's Memory Considering Different Factors? Name: Nizar Ahmed bin Ismail Form: 11R Planning Task My task during the period of this statistics coursework is to gather relevant information regarding the memories of people with regard to many different factors. I shall need to create three hypotheses that are sensible and are practical to carry out, get information relevant to the hypotheses and present the data in different methods which are relevant to the experiment. Hypotheses My main hypothesis is one that will enable me to fulfil the other two hypotheses with ease as long as the data is collected properly. Therefore my main hypothesis is that people remember pictures more easily than numbers and words. I derived this hypothesis from logic because you usually can remember more from a picture, which is a thousand words, than a number, which are one or a few digits. I also have figured out words are more memorable than numbers because words can relate more to a person's life than numbers. One of my other hypotheses is that memory worsens as a person gets older. This I have derived from the stereotype that old people are often absent-minded. My third and last hypothesis is that the female sex has a better memory than the male sex. I also based this on stereotypes and jokes that wives have a better memory than males, usually after marriage. However, I have produced this hypothesis to check the validity of that claim. Main Plan Firstly, I can accomplish my main hypothesis by gathering information regarding whether people remember pictures better, words better or numbers better. From this data and understanding the type of people who gave this data, for example if they are in Year 2 or are 22 years old, whether they are male, female or neither, I can decide how to apply the given data on to the other hypotheses. ...read more.


People, who saw the cup and not the saucer or the golf club and the golf ball as two different things, were in the wrong as these were purposely set to catch people off guard. Also because people can cheat if their partners mark their sheets for them, it is best to re-circulate the sheets and get someone else to mark them. The fact that the papers are anonymous of the papers helps so that mates do not help each other out. We had also received advice that the difficulty level of each of the test has to be the same. This is a difficult one to understand, because the project is trying, in one hypothesis, to find out which sheet is easier to remember. When difficulty level is mentioned I think that on both sheets there are the same amount of memorable items, such as eye or ear in the picture sheet, as they are both part of the daily life, while in the number sheet, there is 03 or 61, which is memorable to some people as they are both jersey numbers of famous sportsmen. However there might be other reasons to remember these numbers or others. 03 is not that difficult to forget as a single digit number and if 69 is used, people might find very easy to remember because of rotational symmetry and maybe other reasons. The position of numbers was not awkward as we wanted the position to be as random as possible because people might else take the whole neat image as a picture and not different, separate numbers. The varying size of the numbers will be rectified with them being printed out. I have concluded that the photographic memory cannot be helped and we cannot prevent anyone from using it, so it will be part of a good memory. Final method 1. A transparency copy of the picture sheet which will be the same as the one used for the pilot experiment, along with a transparency ...read more.


Once I have done that, I calculate out a table, and calculate the means and eventually standard deviations, of each data set. This is useful as all data is considered. Also once standard deviations are derived, we can find also the skew ness which can be drawn together with the histograms. In order to finally compare the scores from the different ages against each other, I shall use scatter diagrams with curves of best fit. This will help me find the relation between age and memory. There will be two graphs, one to compare the means, and another to compare the standard deviations. This can also be done with joint bar charts. We can bring this one step further and use moving averages. This is to keep the test fair and show real progress and not just apparent progress. For my last and main hypothesis; I will have to draw cumulative frequency graphs. This is because cumulative frequency graphs help me compare more than two data sets. There will be one graph for words, one for numbers and one for pictures. I will also take as raw material, the graphs drawn at sub level between different sexes and different ages. The x-axis consists of the score, and the y-axis consists of the cumulative frequency of the people who got that score. The three above data will have their own graphs but will be brought together in another diagram. All of the graphs will have box-and-whisker diagrams because it will allow us to analyse the data easily without much line drawing. With the help of the cumulative frequency graphs and box-and-whisker diagrams, I can find out the median and the interquartile range. Both of these are good as they do not consider outlining results. Frequency polygons also can be used in the same way as cumulative frequency graphs. However frequency polygons will allow me to check the frequency of each score, not the cumulative frequency. I can compare this to my cumulative frequency to end with results. Mathematics Statistics Coursework - Memory Nizar Ahmed bin Ismail (11R) ?????? ?? ??? ???? ...read more.

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