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System Analysis The aim of the Jewellery store system is to make the work easier to the jewellery store staff and to allow the customers and staff to explore the store quickly and easily. To manage the stock To figure out the total s

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Contents AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF THE JEWELLERY STORE SYSTEM 1 REQUIREMENT DESCRIPTION 1 SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT LIFE CYCLE (SDLC) 1 Systems Analyst 2 Phases of the SDLC 2 Phase 1: Problem Definition 2 Phase 2: Feasibility Study 2 Phase 3: System Analysis 3 Phase 4: System Design 3 Phase 5: Software Development 4 Phase 6: Testing 4 Phase 7: Implementation 4 1. The user training 5 2. The conversion 5 Phase 8: Maintenance 5 THREE VIEW OF THE SYSTEM 6 Logical data models (LDM) 6 Data flow models (DFM) 6 Entity life histories (ELH) 6 The jewelry system in dataflow model 7 Task 1 AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF THE JEWELLERY STORE SYSTEM There is much mass produced jewellery in the world. It is very difficult and impossible to keep the records of the vast amount of information about the jewellery using manual information system. The aim of the Jewellery store system is to make the work easier to the jewellery store staff and to allow the customers and staff to explore the store quickly and easily. * To manage the stock * To figure out the total sales of the month * To search for products which are on discount REQUIREMENT DESCRIPTION The system is to maintain order level for individual jewellery items as well as produce monthly total sales figures for the whole store. ...read more.


During design, the analyst: * Draws a model of the new system, using data flow diagrams (DFD) and entity-relationship (ER) diagrams. * Devises formats for all the reports that the system will generate. * Develops a method for collecting and/or inputting data. * Defines the detailed data requirements with a data dictionary. * Writes program specifications. * Specifies control techniques for the system's outputs, database, and inputs. * Identifies and orders any hardware or software that the system will need. By the end of the logical design phase, the analyst has prepared complete systems specifications in the form of a detailed report, with step-by-step instructions that describes the proposed system. Phase 5: Software Development The design specifications are converted into source code of a programming language. The programmers are responsible for carrying out activity. The software, which is to be developed, is divided in to many modules according to the sub-divisions in phase 3. The modules can be developed independently and then are to be tested individually. This type of testing is called unit testing. The test data are framed in such a manner as would ensure the entire modules can be tested. Phase 6: Testing Before actually implementing the new system into operation, developed system is to be test in order to remove all the bugs. ...read more.


Entity life histories (ELH) It shows how information is changed during its lifetime The jewellery system in flowchart I am choosing the flowchart model for the jewelry system because it will be easy for end user to understand how flow is flowing and in which direction. Task 2 Here is an overview of how the jewellery system works When browsing your products, customers will usually have the option to either click on a product for more detailed information or add the product to the cart. When adding a product to the cart, the customer will also be able to select other required details, such as number, colour, size etc. Once a product has been added to the cart, your customer will be taken to the cart's contents and be given the following options: * Update the quantity (and other details as required) * Remove a product * Continue shopping Once satisfied with the cart's contents, customers can then complete the secure order form. Submitting this form prompts the following actions: * Sends an order confirmation email to the billing email address * Displays details of the purchase back to the purchaser's browser * Displays a personalised thank you message showing your appreciation * Sends all order details to a Microsoft SQL Server database * Sends an email with purchase details to you Flowchart for the Jewellery store system ?? ?? ?? ?? Assignment in System Analysis (module 2) BTEC High National Diploma in Computing Page 1 ...read more.

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