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System Analysis

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Computer Science Dossier Discipline Sheet Stage A - Analysis A1 - Analyzing the Problem Introduction Discipline Sheet is a record of a student's discipline, kept by the school. Every particulars of a student are recorded throughout the year. Particulars may include anything from absence to misbehavior in class; however they may not always be negative points about the student. The particulars of a student are recorded along with the date, class and the subject. The purpose of this system is to keep track of a student's performance so that they can be presented to the parents. For example bad performance of a student in his/her academics can be explained by the student's number of absences in the class. The Current System In my school, St. Mary's, currently the whole system is manual. A discipline record is kept for each student. A teacher carries around with him/her a sheet called 'Class Information Sheet', this is shown below (figure 1.1). FIGURE 1.1 In that sheet the teacher write the date and his/her name, and below it the teacher writes the name of the student that had any particular for example if the student was absent or making noise in class. ...read more.


the year and it helps the IB coordinator or the school to write the student's preference letter to the student's choice of university since many universities demand an official preference letter from the student's school when applying for admission. Data Flow Diagram of the Current System FIGURE 1.6 Inputs & Outputs of the Current System FIGURE 1.7 Input Specifications of current system INPUT DESCRIPTION DATA TYPE Date The date of the day on which the particular(s) occur Numeric Teacher's Name The name of the subject teacher Alpha Name The name of the offending student Alpha Class The class that the student belongs to e.g. IB 1, IB 2. Alpha numeric Subject The name of the subject in which the particular(s) for a student occurs Alpha Particulars Particulars are the facts or specifics e.g. the student came to class late, the student was making noise, the student did a good homework, etc. Alpha (text) Signature The signature of the subject teacher Alpha (text) Interviews were carried out with the math teacher Sir. Kyalo, and the IB coordinator. Below are their responses to the questionnaires. ...read more.


* Can be messy for example when mistakes are made white-outs or cross-outs distort the paper. * Waste of papers because there is the class information sheets which need to be provided to the teachers and then the student discipline sheets. Request from the End-User I interviewed my math's teacher, Sir Kyalo and the IB coordinator to find out about their requirements. It was learnt that they wanted the program to be simple and fast. They wanted the program to reduce the length of the process somehow since currently it is quite lengthy. Also, the teachers wanted the filling of information to be quick. Apart from that, the IB coordinator wanted the program to allow easy and faster access to a particular student's record. It can be seen that the problem in the current system lies in the length of the process. The input by the teacher takes time as well as the processing by the IB office because first the teacher has to fill in their class information sheets and then the IB office has to fill in the student's discipline sheets. ?? ?? ?? ?? Page | 2 ...read more.

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