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System security Describe the potential impact of four different threats - Virus, Trojans,Worms and Phishing.

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Unit 15: Organisational Systems Security P2-Describe the potential impact of four different threats Virus Virus attacks your computer by attaching itself to another program for example a spreadsheet program. So each time a spreadsheet runs the virus runs as well and has a chance to reproduce and attach to other programs. Viruses allow other people to access your personal information that you give over the internet especially if you are shopping or managing your bank account a various can be used for identity theft. Some viruses can also slow down your computer, delete information and important data or even shut down your computer. ...read more.


Trojans work by carrying programs in the files you downloaded from the email or a device. These programs allow someone (a hacker) to have a complete access to your computer. Trojan often destroys your computer functionality and that way it allows the hacker to use your computer and you don't know what he is doing. Hackers use Trojans to open backdoors to your computer and that way they have access to all your files on your computer and even they can access your network. Very complexes Trojans can install a dialler and that way they can use your modem which could end up with a big phone bill. ...read more.


They can also install backdoor in the infected computer order to allow it to be used to attack other computers or websites. Phishing Phishing is a way to stealing identity information by using your trust. Usually you receive a fake email from a bank or something similar asking you to fill in a form were you give your details. These details may then be used to steal your money from your bank account or to access your computer or personal information. This can cause you to bankrupt if you give your details to the wrong person. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 By Camille Metkowski 20631 ...read more.

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